Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale “UnmAsked”

I am a big (some might say huge) fan of this show, and the finale/reveal of A did not disappoint. It opens with a television telling us that Officer Garrett Reynolds would plead not guilty to the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. From various articles I have read, we will tackle this topic more in season three. Shortly after this, the girls receive four tickets to the Masquerade Ball from A. As the episode goes on, we get a tense scene between Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Allen), but more importantly was what happened when Spencer stormed off; Toby received a call from Dr.Sullivan who we haven’t heard or dealt with since Season 2 part A finale. Right from that moment I wanted to know more, such as why was she calling Toby? But of course we would have to wait just a little bit longer for that answer. Before we encounter another scene with the girls Jenna (Tammin Sursok) take off her glasses and reveals to an unseen person that she could see again, but giving us on of my favorite lines of the night “I’ve thought about this moment so many times, wondering what I would say to you if I saw you again.”, and it wasn’t even what she said it was how she said it, so sympathetic and understanding. Whoever she was talking to, she genuinely seemed to care to talk to them. Before going to the next scene she tells this mysterious person that they know what they need to do, referring to the Masquerade Ball. We cut to the girls who are heading to the creepiest hotel on the face of the earth, (Hats off to Producer Marlene King and all the Pretty Little Liars cast for the homage to “Psycho” through out the episode, so brilliant!) they check into Room 1, which is the room Ali stayed in before her disappearance. After settling in the room, Spencer and Aria go back to check out the register book providing me with my second favorite line of the night “You are small, but you’re big” (delivered by Spencer to Aria), leaving Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) left in the room. Hanna goes to take a shower, and as soon as she steps foot into the shower Emily receives a call from Maya but loses the call due to signal which causes her to leave, and shortly after we see someone enter. After this scene I had a terrible feeling about the state of being for Maya, it was a little too convenient that the moment Emily left, a mysterious character entered. As soon as the girls come back, the mysterious figure is no longer in the room, but he/she is watching the girls from Room 2. The next morning before checking out Spencer and Aria have to return the register book, when Spencer first propose taking it back and leaving Aria bails, but as soon as Spencer gives them the best nickname “Sparia” there was no way Aria could deny. I am hoping to see more “Sparia” scenes in Season 3, let’s face it they make the perfect team. And finally we are at the Masquerade Ball, where each of the girls look stunning as they make their way to the down the stairs. Shortly after arriving, Hanna is greeted by her boyfriend Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) who completes her idea of Romeo and Juliet, giving them one last night/surprise set up by Mona (Janel Parrish). Upon this happening Spencer comes up and says I know who you are, which Mona pleads guilty to. Is this our A we have been waiting for since the pilot episode? Oh wait, fake out, Spencer was just commenting on how good of a friend Mona was to Hanna. Snap shot to Aria, who receives a text and starts walking down a pathway, Jenna following behind her. Finally you hear an oh so familiar voice, Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding). When he appeared, I am not going to lie, I panicked a little thinking he might be A, but thankfully no; he came because he could not stay away from the one he loved. But even better than that we got to see Ezria go public, set to the tune of “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum (Favorite scene of the night, I’m a romantic-sue me). Then it comes down to Spencer leaving, she figured out something; Ali didn’t stay at the hotel to hide, she stayed there because she was watching whoever was watching her. The girls were a little stressed she left without them, but after reassuring them that she was with Mona they trusted all would be fine. We get another beautifully done scene relating to Psycho, even down to the conversation; it was truly marvelous. Then Mona had the key and we were inside the mind of A, Room 2. This room was every bit as haunting as one could imagine, the walls covered in pictures of Ali, and the liars. Some their eyes were cut out of, each left you with a disturbing feeling; whoever A was, she was obsessed and she wanted revenge, and from the looks of a drawing they found she was in a black swan costume. Things started getting tense, Spencer was starting to sense who A was, and we soon discover that the person sitting under our noses the whole time was the sweet and seemingly innocent Mona. After getting Spencer in the car, Mona started going into detail about her motive; She was tortured by Alison all through middle school, but how could she betray Hanna, her best friend? Hanna left her when Aria came back, and she was completely gone when Caleb came into a picture, like she said “it’s easier to forgive an enemy, then it is to forgive a friend.” And the more Mona talked, the more she revealed such as an “A-team”, and she wanted Spencer to join because Spencer has the brains and detective skills of Sherlock Holmes. The whole time this is going down, Spencer has Aria, Hanna, and Emily listening in to the conversation. Discovering the truth of A was, well AmAzing, I did pity Hanna though, she lost a best friend, someone she trusted. How do you handle that? To tie it up, Mona was sent away, and we saw the return of Dr.Sullivan who explained Mona’s symptoms and why she went into hiding, and we learn that Toby was acting for the safety of Spencer. And yes, we got a Spoby reunion, which I know almost every PLL fan had been waiting for all season. But we don’t end there, the girls make their way to Emily’s house and on the way we are met with the end of the first episode all over again (cue “Suggestions”), and we are delivered with some of the most heartbreaking words all season, they had found a body and the think it might by Maya’s. This scene is so chilling because of Shay Mitchell, her performance left me speechless/breathless. She looked completely heartbroken, it was the perfect way to sum up season 2. During the credits we are treated with a glimpse of Mona in the asylum telling a mysterious figure that she did everything she asked of her. Was this the same figure Jenna met in the park? Will we meet the “A-team” in season 3? Will Melissa deliver her baby? Is the black swan the leader of “A-team”? Does Ali have a twin? Who killed Ali? When will Jenna’s vision be revealed? And Was it Maya’s body? Well, I guess we will have to wait for season 3. This is the beauty of Pretty Little Liars, it will always leave you wanting more. Season finale grade: A!


Terra Nova Canceled

Today many fans received the devastating news that Terra Nova would be cancelled. This is unfortunate because it truly was a remarkable show; the acting was great, as was the directing. If Fox had chose to keep this show though, I know they wouldn’t have regretted it. Every week the ratings seemed to increase as more people got into it. Some people called Terra Nova the break out show of the year. On the show you were greeted with so many relate able characters, minus the dinosaur problem. Plus the story line was never boring, once you watched an episode you were drawn in. But one thing fans of the show should be grateful for is the rise of Jason O’Mara, most people found him to be the most interesting character on the show (and I for one definitely agree). Not only did he star opposite Katherine Heigl in “One for the Money”, and he also scored a lead role in the new Ralph Lamb drama with actors Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, and Carrie-Anne Moss on CBS. So although we had to endure the sad demise of Terra Nova, let’s rejoice in the fact that we will continue to see Jason O’Mara work his charm on television.

21 Jump Street

For my first review, I want to write about one of the greatest movies I have seen recently: 21 Jump Street. First off, I had very high expectations for this movie, and they were exceeded. It opens with a glimpse of Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) in high school. Tatum played the typical high school douche and we saw Hill as Slim Shady which was priceless. Both of them are met with high school problems, Schmidt was turned down by the hottest girl in school for Prom, and Jenko’s grades prevented him from going to Prom and becoming Prom King. Jump ahead, the two are in the Police Academy where Schmidt is struggling with strength and Jenko is struggling with smarts, and the two bond and become friends graduating together and enjoying a “life full of being bad asses”. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t as glorious as they thought it would be. Their first big bust, was kind of a bust-up and it landed them into 21 Jump Street were they learned they would be going undercover as two high school students trying to crack a drug case. Right before heading up to the school, Jenko teaches Schmidt how to be cool and fit in with the popular gang, only to realize this isn’t like the high school they went to so many years ago; there were hipsters and tree huggers, and the really weird Japanese group who looked like they came straight out of a comic book. It perfectly nailed what you can expect to see from a High School these days. As it moves along, Schmidt becomes the popular kid and Jenko becomes the science nerd making their roles reversed from what they were. In the middle of all of this they throw a legit party that helps Jenko with trying to solve the case, but at the same time causes a drift between him and Schmidt after he over hears a conversation where Schmidt compares himself to Charlie Babbitt and Jenko to Rain Man. Leaving the two with a rift, they are forced to follow Eric (Dave Franco), aka one of the popular kids, as he makes a drug deal with the biker gang we first met at the beginning of the movie. As they drive away Jenko and Schmidt get in an argument, causing them to bump into one of the biker gang members and race off as the gang starts chasing them in a hilarious get away scenario. By the time they return Schmidt misses the beginning parts of Peter Pan disappointing his crush, and then Schmidt and Jenko battle it out on stage which causes Molly (Brie Larson) to be embarrassed and cut off all contact to Schmidt. It also causes Jenko and Schmidt to call off their friendship (very temporarily) when Eric takes both of them “hostage” and makes them apart of the drug dealing. Jenko later on asks Schmidt to Prom, and when they roll in and exit the limo we are greeted with a wonderfully aesthetic setting of doves, sunset, and Prom night. As we move through Prom night, we are met with the biggest scene in the movie; meeting the creator of these potent drugs, and receiving the cameo of the original cast of 21 Jump Street (Johnny Depp, Peter DeLuise). Before ending it all off, we see Jenko and Schmidt finally get the bust, and get upgraded to college students.

I truly loved this movie, it was everything a comedy needs to be: it has compelling story line, but more importantly laugh so hard you are crying hilariousness. The trailer for this movie doesn’t even begin to cover how good this movie is, and they handled every bit of it tastefully. This was the funniest movie I have seen in forever, and for the “Bridesmaids” fans out there, it was even better than that. It has crude language, but it only adds to the movie with the way they use it. If you haven’t seen it, you should. If you have already seen it, you know how good this movie really is, and you should watch it again. I give this movie an A! I can’t wait for the sequel.