Love is a Four Letter Word

On April 13th, 2012 Jason Mraz released his fourth album Love is a Four Letter Word, and although it was no We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things it was still an amazing record. Before the record dropped into stores and on iTunes Mraz granted his audience with five tracks allowing them a taste of what was to come with “The World as I See It”, “I Won’t Give Up”, “Freedom Song”, “93 Million Miles”, and “Everything is Sound” which were all equally delightful and excited me for what was to come. When I first went through the CD, I was not crazy about most of the songs that I listened to at first, but then I hit number 6 “Everything is Sound” and I fell in love. This song was soulful, happy go lucky and it reminded me of why I loved Jason Mraz. Every track after that lived up to all of my expectations. I was so ecstatic to have Jason back in my life, his music to fill my days. He put the icing on the cake with his interview by expressing his passion for the title of his CD “If I can choose to see love in this image, then I could also choose to see love in someone see or the world around me or even in the mirror, and it was this ‘Aha’ moment that love is a choice that we make, and I wanted to explore that,” and explore that he did. Most of the songs cover the topic of love, love he shares with another, love for his grandpa. And although “The Woman I Love” is twangy with the California guitar, “The World as I See It” possessed a light jamiaciany/hawaiianish beat, and following that track is the hidden track “I’m Coming Over” which is perhaps the best track on the CD. This album is just another reason why Mraz is and always will be my favorite artist. All in all I give Love is a Four Letter Word a B+.


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