Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 7 “Crazy”

The episode opened up with Hanna on the phone with her mother, marking her return to school since the break up with Caleb. Detective Walden greets her at the door to let her know that when her mom returns Hanna is needed at the police station to test her blood for the bracelet Spencer and Jason found last episode, this bracelet also cleared Garrett’s name as Allison’s killer. Snap to the next scene, the four liars are together heading to school with Hanna worrying if the DNA they found is truly her, this A is unstoppable. With Hanna’s departure they head into Emily’s Cafe where they meet Cece (Vanessa Ray), who was also friends with Allison. Allison has a lot of similar attributes to her, causing them to guess that she was Ali’s “role model” . Now we are at Rosewood High, and Aria and Ella are talking when Ella spills that she is going on her first date since the divorce to Byron. Now to Spencer who is trying to keep up the timeline/collage of Allison’s death by adding in Cece. Toby soon joins her and confronts her about lying to him, Spencer confesses she was with Jason and that they found the anklet, the sadness is still on her face and she still holds blame in her heart for Garrett. Toby isn’t so sure, and reminds her that she thought the same for him, the bell rings and she rushes off to class. Emily is working at the cafe and Nate meets her to ask about the gift he bought for Jenna, and this does not please Emily. Nate also reveals that Jenna told him that Maya and her were friends, and shared rides home. We go back to Hanna and she finds a Ouija board waiting for her. She soon tells Aria the story behind it, and that the looking glass is what she hid in Ali’s coffin. Hanna and Mona had used the board before they found Allison’s body, and the board had told them Allison was alive. Right before they quit, Hanna believes she truly did see Allison. This story prompts Aria to go visit Mona, and to see if she has answers. After a pot breaks and scares them both Hanna informs Aria that she is staying the night with her, and Aria agrees. When then see Jason running and Spencer goes out to greet him and ask him how he was doing. Both are depressed that they could not provide proof that Garrett was guilty, and Jason feels like he is back to being a screw up. Spencer is confused why he feels this way, and Jason lets her know that his and Ali’s father had always made him feel this way. Now back to Maya and Nate, they are trying to shop for Jenna’s perfect gift. Maya is not thrilled, and the emotions she puts out don’t help her case. Cece soon figures out she was the one with a crush on Ali, and tells her she needs to let Nate know that Jenna is a mistake. Nate also reveals that “if the hottest girl in Rosewood was available, and interested in guys” he would not even be bothering with Jenna. We flip to Ella waiting for her date, where she coyly flirts with the guy at the cafe’s register before her date comes in and asks her to go out for ice cream instead. And the mysterious suitor is Ted, Ashley’s love interest via last episode. Aria is now at Radley’s for Mona, and the distant screams send chills down her spin, or it at least removes the color from her face. After signing in she is finally met with Mona, remember the last time she saw her was the night they discovered she was A. Emily, after Cece’s convincing, tells Nate the part truth about Jenna. Unfortunately he takes it in the wrong direction, and his feelings towards Jenna only grow fonder. We are greeted with more scenes from Ella’s date were we see that she is truly not enjoying her date, although everything seems perfect. Moving along, Hanna goes to Ali’s dad and tries to apologize for what she did and let him know that she is not a part of what is going down now. Before she can finish, he tells her to stop and that a friend would never do what she did. Back to Mona and Aria, Mona tells the nurse that she needs her meds and asks Aria why she really is here and Aria tells her about the gift she received from the new A. Mona asks if they are sure this was A, and Aria tells her that this what not the first gift they have received from Ali’s grave. To Aria’s disappointment, Mona does not know anything but she does ask one favor of Aria; to apologize to Hanna. Soon after Aria is kicked out due to curfew, Hanna meets her and tells her that they can sneak in when the nurses switch shifts. Emily runs into Cece again, and asks if she talked to “Handsome” and when she said it didn’t work out she ask for Emily’s phone so they could switch numbers. Upon the looking in Emily’s phone she calls Jenna and chews her out for “dating her boyfriend”. Emily is upset by her doing this, but there isn’t much more for her to do. After her date, Ella goes back to the cafe looking for Emily to see if she knew where Aria was. She runs into the cashier again, who gives her two free pastries since they cannot sale day old pastries. Upon this gift, she discovers that he owns the Cafe and that his name is Zach. Back to Radley’s, Hanna breaks into Mona’s room and asks for Aria to wait outside for lookout. Aria comes in shortly after since the nurse was looking around. Mona soon reveals what Ali’s dad was upset about, and Hanna lets Aria in to what happened. Hanna had called Ali’s mom after that night and said that she had seen Ali and that she was alive, the next day her body was found. Ali’s dad was so upset for giving her hope, that he goes after Hanna and tells them to stay away from all of them. After she is done with the story they discover that Mona escaped. We flash to Spencer casually driving in her car before a car comes speeding around her. The car belonged to Jason and he was drunk, Spencer (out of sorrow) pushes Jason over to the passenger seat and drives off before any cops could get to the scene. As sweet as the gesture was, it leaves her car at the scene of the crime. We flash back over to Hanna and Aria as they go exploring to find where Mona could have escaped to. They soon discover the Children’s Ward is open, and the lock that guarded it on the floor with Hanna’s tweezers. Back to Spencer and she runs to Toby and tells him she needs help getting her car, and before they could tell much more they are greeted with a knock on the door from the police. Walden is there questioning her, and Toby covers for her saying that he picked her up after work and that someone must of broke in and stole her car. They soon leave, and Walden lets Spencer know that they will talk soon. Toby then questions Spencer and Spencer comes clean that she saved Jason so he wouldn’t lose everything and that he couldn’t tell anyone. Now back to Aria and Hanna as they walk in the ward they start hearing Mona hum. Following the hums they find her rocking in the chair combing dolls hairs. When they try to question her she freaks out and just keeps repeating weird phrases. Soon the nurses come looking for her and they find her causing them to hid in the closet. As she leaves she looks to them in the closet and says “she just wanted to play with her dolls”. Back to Aria’s house, she receives a call from Ella telling her about how she shared two dates, not one.She says the reason that the first date didn’t go so well is that Ted eats ice cream like Byron, and she didn’t want that again. They soon go to sleep, but Hanna is still haunted with what happened that night. Emily walks home and sees Nate sitting alone at the diner. Back to Hanna, she starts clicking what Mona was saying. She was using a code she was trying to teach Hanna to play, and they soon discover that she was saying not safe and providing them with a website, Their was only one they missed out on remembering, and that was Maya knew. Is this why Maya was killed? Did she know who A was? Or did she know who killed Alison? The web they are entangled in just keeps growing, and it seems like they will not be escaping anytime soon.


The Dark Knight Rises: Why the Dark Knight Rose.

This will not be like my usual reviews, mostly because I do not want to ruin how great this movie truly is. Now let’s begin. The first face we see return is the wartime worn face of Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman). His character is similar to how we left him, except for the fact that his family left him for not speaking the truth about what went down between Batman and Harvey Dent/Two Face. You can tell in his face and the ways he acts that this has taken a toll on him, and that he cannot seem to forgive himself or move past it. (Remember this is 8 years in the future). His character literally goes through Hell after a run in with Bane and his henchmen. And you can tell from his time of suffering that he is ready to restore the town to its former glory and restore Batman’s name in Gotham City. Our next returning character is the ever charming Alfred, and unfortunately we do not get to see much of his glorious face during much of these movies. But every scene he is in is moving; Michael Caine is such a brilliant actor, I cherish him deeply. His character brings so much life to the screen, and if you do not cry at any of Alfred’s scenes then you are totally heartless. He does get his wish, and I will leave it at that. Next up, we have Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman). Lucius plays an important role in this film, as he has done in every batman movie. For me, he truly brings about the return of Batman by introducing new toys such as “The Bat” which is the flying mechanism that we get the pleasure of viewing in the commercials. Also, watch for his words because he does foreshadow things (unintentionally) when it comes to the ending. Now it is time for the new characters, and let’s start off with the villain shall we? With the Joker (Heather Ledger) we witnessed a terrifying match psychologically, and now in The Dark Knight Rises we meet a match in the physical category. Gotham’s Reckoning, Bane (Tom Hardy) is a terrifying mercenary, and although a lot of critics have picked at him for not being the Joker, they did not pay attention to how great Tom Hardy truly was. All of the emotion were told from his eyes, and for the most part his eyes were black and heartless. If Bane was on the street, I would truly be worried for my life. We soon learn after meeting him that he was excommunicated from the League of Shadows (Reference Batman Begins). And he will stop at nothing to fulfill Ra’s Al Ghul’s wish of destroying the corruption that was Gotham City. And he does have a friend lurking in the shadows. We also have a new lady love by the name of Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), and my words to describe her would be very pushy. She is yearning for Bruce Wayne’s attention and his money for her project our supplying clean air to the world. She eventually works a way into his life, and we watch their chemistry blossom as she tells us of her hard childhood before they struck it rich. Miranda is indeed an interesting character, and as the movie progresses you discover more about her and her story. Next we have one of the most interesting characters of all time in comic book history, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). Christopher did perfect casting when selecting Anne Hathaway, she played the part with justice. Her transitions from sweet to seductive were breathtaking, and I loved every minute with her on screen. From the beginning her and Bruce Wayne had chemistry/sexual tension, but they do get pushed to the back burner after Miranda clawed her way through. Selina Kyle also has a huge wakening for her character (Phew, what a lot of work for one character) as she goes from bad kitty to the perfect sidekick/arm candy. Anne Hathaway holds her own in this character, and it is beautiful to watch. The last and my favorite character, John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). He is the perfect good cop, and he is the best detective (Refer to Tim Drake). He has strong morals through out the movie, and even with Bane’s demise of Gotham City he still encourages the town to have hope. Plus, he believes in Batman (and knows Batman’s/Bruce Wayne’s secret) since he was an orphan. You soon discover that Bruce Wayne has a soft spot for John Blake, and tries his best to keep that passion for Batman alive. “You wear the mask not to protect yourself, but to protect the ones you love”. And, of course the star of the show Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale). Over these ten years he has given us a marvelous example of what a comic book movie should be, and what a superhero truly was. We watched his character develop in Batman Begins, we watched him grow as Bruce Wayne and we watched the demise of Batman in The Dark Knight, and in The Dark Knight Rises we see him rebuild Batman and become the best Bruce Wayne that he could be, for his loved ones. We do watch Bruce Wayne go through a huge rebuilding of himself, and the way it plays out is nothing short of a masterpiece. Bruce Wayne starts out rich, but we soon discover that he is as broke as my piggy bank. And that is when he starts making decisions that effect the entire movie. Also, the team Catwoman and Batman create is so amazing, they suit each other very well. I will leave you with one last thing about Batman, the idea is that anyone could be behind the mask. The movie as a whole was nothing short of excellent, like a said before with Batman/Bruce Wayne this movie is also a masterpiece. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan for delivering us this beautifully crafted trilogy that I will hold near and dear to my heart till the day I die (both literally, and not). He crafted all of the characters with such pride and dignity that I can be nothing by grateful for this gift. (Yes, I am a diehard Batman fan). Also, the score for this movie, thanks to Hans Zimmerman, is superb. If you do see this movie, please enjoy it in IMAX, you will not be sorry. To all the conspirators who have not seen this legendary movies yet, the answer the all of your questions is yes, well almost. I will leave that for you to figure out. I cannot grade this movie due to its excellence, and I would like to thank Christopher Nolan one more time for this gift of greatness. “A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”

True Blood Season 5 Episode 5 “Let’s Boot and Rally”

RECAP: So far this season we have seen Tara get turned into a vampire, Jessica take over as Queen of Louisiana, Steve Newman confess his love for Jason, Jason try to reconnect with Hoyt and enter fairy land, Sookie deal with Tara as a vampire and the possible hookup with Alcide, Bill and Eric get captured by the authority, tortured by the authority, and released to find Russell Edgington, and Eric release Pam. And now we are here.

For Sookie and Alcide lovers, I am sorry for the disappointment. We started the episode with them edging closer and closer to the bedroom only to have Sookie throw up on Alcide’s shoes and Bill and Eric enter the bedroom to great them. The current situation with Lafayette is heartbreaking, not only is he dealing with Tara and the loss of Jesus he is battling his inner demon that keeps releasing itself to harm others. Moving along to Jason’s return from the fairy world, the dream he experienced was haunting to say the least, and he seems to be wrapped up in the idea of vampires truly killing his parents, needless to say I was glad to be awoken from that clip with a phone call sending us to the crime scene we were left with last week. Andy was also woken up with a phone call, but I think we can all agree the creepiest thing about this was the fairies leaving both Andy and Jason buck naked. I mean have we not seen enough Andy Bellefleur’s backside this season? In Sookie’s kitchen we watch a fight between Eric, Bill, and Alcide and they start fighting to Sookie’s entertainment, leaving us with the great line of ” It must be Thursday”. Flip over to Fangtasia, Tara is slowly starting to come into her own as a vampire and with Jessica’s help she might actually enjoy being one. Also, didn’t she look great? Although the clothes may not fit her human character, I feel like they are well suited for her transformation into a vampire. We catch back up with Bill, Eric, Sookie, and Alcide head over to talk to Doug and see if Sookie can unglamour him and find the whereabouts of Russell, before its too late and Bill and Eric receive the True Death. What we do find out with Doug is that women dug him up, and she is a member of the authority; although Bill blames Nora, my money is on Salome. The authority is watching Nora closely since revealing she believes in the Vampire Bible and the rise of Lilith, and the watch of Mr.Compton and Mr.Northman to see if they can find Russell Edgington before dawn. Roman, though, is focused more so on loyal mainstreaming vampires turning back to the true vampiric ways. Now we are with Terry and Patrick, and they are being held captive by Eller from their past who believes they are being tortured by curse put on them by an innocent lady they killed will they were high, and on patrol in Iraq, the thing that hunts them is called Ifrit. Andy was also woken up with a phone call, but I think we can all agree the creepiest thing about this was the fairies leaving both Andy and Jason buck naked. I mean have we not seen enough Andy Bellefleur this season? Back to the crime scene, two shifters are left dead from bullet wounds to the head, and it is slowly starting to seem like they are trying to kill of the supernatural in Bon Temps, starting with the Shape Shifters. Back to Fangtasia, Jessica starts telling Tara the beauty of being a vampire, and how it is acceptable to be afraid of it at first, but sooner or later you are going to have to embrace it. Is Jessica’s and Tara’s talks the start of a new found “girlfriend” friendship? Now we are making our way to the abandoned Asylum with the four musketeers plus Doug, every moment we are etching closer and closer to Russell, and unfortunately along the way are all his drained victims. We start to see Tara following Jessica’s words of advice as she goes outside to smoke a few cigarettes and is met with a vamp styled Hoyt who invites her to a pleasant session of dining. Terry’s reminding visions of Iraq make me question Patrick as a commanding officer, he was very about himself and now they are all paying the price. Unfortunately, Patrick takes advantage of Terry’s reassurance to Eller and takes him as prisoner leaving the Ifrit to consume Eller, even though Patrick does not believe that it is real. Flash to Lafayette, Jesus waking him as just a head whose mouth is sewed shut. As soon as Lafayette freaks out, Jesus goes to his momma who understands Jesus just fine and calls for Lafayette to relay the message. Bill, Eric, Alcide, and Sookie stumble upon Russell’s future dinner, leading them closer into Russell’s arm. Flash to Sam who is going to warn Luna to warn her, and tell her about the death of their two fellow shifters. Although there is racket from the next room, Luna reassures Sam that Emma is just having difficulty sleeping lately and asks him to leave for the night. As he exits he is met with the Supernatural Killers, who shot Sam and then Luna after she comes to check on Sam. Luckily Emma escapes as she shifts into a wolf, but the image of Luna shutting her eyes are not comforting to me. Could they really just kill her off like that? I hope not. Tara and Jessica are enjoying feast in neighboring stalls, and Jessica comes to Hoyt’s rescue as he pleads for Tara to stop. And finally, we find Russell and boy does he look happy to see us, but the end of the episode leaves us with the question, what happened with Alcide? Personally, I was disappointed with this season until this episode. This episode finally reached True Bloods potential, but it’s early ending did upset me. What do you think Jesus’s message to Lafayette is? Who do you think the Supernatural Killers are? And why do you think they are attacking now, and why are they after all forms of supernatural beings? Do you think Luna is dead? My grade for this episode is a B+, it is slowly returning to the show I used to love, but so far for this season 5 I am giving the season a C. Bring on Episode 6!

The Amazing Spider-Man

The best part of summer? Blockbuster Hits, and this is exactly what The Amazing Spider-Man is. The opening scene we meet Peter Park as a little boy playing hide and seek with his dad. As he is looking for him, he stumbles into his dad’s office only to find it broken into and ransacked. He calls for his dad, in which his dad freaks out and calls for the mom to get her stuff together and that they need to leave. As they set up the story we know and love, we are met with Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sallie Fields), and around ten years later we meet a teenage Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). Flash to the High School, he is hanging a picture of the debate team for display to only be messed with by Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka), next scene we meet the ever beautiful Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Peter snaps a picture of her reading before he makes his next move to save an innocent bystander from Flash’s torturing ways, only to get rewarded with a punch. Have I mentioned yet that this Peter Parker has a lot more guts than Maguire’s? That night he returns home to Aunt May preparing spaghetti, and Uncle Ben determining what is wrong with the air conditioning unit, and on the way carrying up boxes he discovers his father’s suitcase. Upon first opening it, nothing seems to be inside but a few items including a newspaper clipping of his Dad and Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). With later searching he discovers a hidden file, and decides to found out more information on Curt Connors. Side note, in the suitcase were his father’s old glasses, and upon finding them he starts wearing them. To discover more information on his dad he goes to Oscorp to talk to Connors, when he arrives at the front desk he confirms he is an intern and steals a badge to head up stairs and join the group, and to his surprise Gwen Stacy is heading the group. As Head Intern, Stacy takes them around before introducing them to Connors in which he discusses his radical way of healing people, and no stem cell research is not the answer, in fact the answer is cross breeding species. Gwen discovering Peter in the group tells him to stay clear of trouble, because if he gets in trouble she gets in trouble for knowing who is really is. Being the listener that he is, Peter slinks away from the group to do his own investigating by letting himself into a room full of genetically engineered spiders. As he leaves the room, Stacy tells him to go, and we are graced with a shot on the back of his neck to reveal a spider biting him, and I believe we all do know the results. As the day goes on he slowly develops more and more spider like habits, and returns home with both heightened senses and appetites. The next morning he is too strong for his own good destroying toothpaste, the sink knobs, and door handles before leaving to meet Dr. Connors and reveal his true identity as Peter Parker and not some lowly intern. He shortly makes a connection with Connors, and Connor reveals Parker’s father departure angered him, which is why he stayed away from Peter, and in return Peter gives him the formula that he has been trying to figure at for all these years. Flash forward to the next day when Peter returns to school to confront Flash on his bullying ways and show him up. This of course results in Uncle Ben coming to get him, and telling him to pick up Aunt May that nights, which of course Peter forgets so he can spend time with Connors and correctly develop the formula so that is can be tested, and we get a positive result! From his new found glory he returns home to find a disgruntled Uncle Ben who had been calling him to remind him to pick up Aunt May. As he lays on the lines about responsibility and being like his father, but lacking that quality we meet an emotional Parker who tells the ugly truth: was it really responsible of his dad to leave him? Soon after Peter leaves to blow off steam, and Uncle Ben chases after him. He goes to a convenience store to get some chocolate milk, only to be turned away for lacking two cents, and after that we meet a shady fellow who steals cash and instead of chasing him he tells the clerk it is not his duty to find him, too bad Uncle Ben did not share that same theory. In attempt to stop him, Uncle Ben is shot and killed and Peter finds him and realizes that if he would of just stopped the guy he could stopped this from even happening. Peter’s life slowly starts to deteriorate, he starts closing everyone out, even the Flash tries to console Parker for his loss. He soon develop the Spider-man persona and starts looking for the guy who killed Uncle Ben, to get the sweet justice he deserves. He starts coming together again, although physically he is sporting bruises, and that is when Gwen invites him to dinner. Dinner was a interesting get together as he argued over the nature of Spider-man with Gwen’s dad Captain George Stacy (Denis Leary), and shortly after he reveals to Gwen that he is in fact Spider-man. That night Connors injects himself with the formula and turns into the villain Lizard, and as he starts his rampage on the city both Captain Stacy and Parker rush on their ways. Spider-man establishes himself as a hero with the citizens of New York as he stops Lizard from harming them, and saves the life of a little boy named Jack, and Jack’s Father (C. Thomas Howell) will soon return the favor. The next day Parker has already put together that Connors and Lizard are one and the same, and when he turns it into the police the laugh it off, although Captain Stacy does (sort-of) look into it, although his many priority is arresting Spider-man. Taking matters into his own hands, Parker slips into costume and starts searching the sewers after noticing weird behaviors from lurking lizards. As he sets up shop, Connors injects himself again and a fight ensues between the two leaving Parker decently injured and running to Gwen to doctor him, and Connors discovers the true identity of Spider-man. Returning to the School Scene, Lizard attacks during the day, and Spider-man comes to rid him of the halls, and we are graced with the Stan Lee cameo in the library. Benefits of this scene is that Spidey knows where to go after Lizard slinks off and discovers his next plan to infect the city and make them like him. Spider-man goes to save the day, with cops stopping him and shortly Parker reveals himself to Captain Stacy, and Jack’s dad sets up the city so Spider-man can make his way to save the day. Upon the epic showdown, Captain Stacy is killed by Lizard, Lizard is cured as is the city, and Captain Stacy as one thing, that if he remains Spider-man to stop dating Gwen so she stays safe. Parker agrees by not even going to the funeral, and Gwen shortly realizes this as she stops by his door to ask why. Final scene, we are back at the Midtown Science High School, Flash and Peter are on likeable terms, Flash even sports a Spider-man shirt because “the dude is crazy”, we get a glance of a gloom looking Gwen as she heads to class, and Peter following after her and arriving late to class. He makes a promise to the teacher that he will not be late again, in which she retorts “Don’t make promises you cannot keep”, his replies whispering to Gwen “But those are the best ones”, and we receive a smirk in return from Gwen. Credit scenes? Connors is in jail and is met with a character who wants to torture Parker about his parents even more, my guess it that it is Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin, hence Spider-man 2. This series will be a trilogy, and I could not be more thrilled! I am personally glad they rebooted the series, and I do hope they keep Gwen Stacy, and just forget Mary Jane. I am a huge comic book nerd, so this movie did please me with maintaining a nice balance of new and old to this story. Do you think they will keep Stacy for the next movie? Do you think she will meet her demise with the Green Goblin like she did in the comic books? Bring on the sequel, if you have not seen this yet it is worth the watch. Personally, I found it more enjoyable then the Avengers; better and more of a story line, plus I am a fan of Spider-man compared to the Avengers. It was tastefully done, and with that I give it an A-!

Game of Thrones Season 2

Let’s talk some Game of Thrones; many critics loved the second season but felt that the finale itself lacked a little luster. I loved every single minute of it. (Disclaimer: I have not read any of the books, but I am in the process of reading them currently. I also know many things that occur in the books that did not happen with HBO). First and foremost lets discuss Tyrion, I absolutely loved every scene with him in it this season. Him becoming the king’s hand was one of the best roles for him, and in the season finale he agreed that the kingdom was where he belonged. Every trick he assembled played out perfectly, from shipping off Cersei’s daughter to the Tully’s and discovering who betrayed him, to playing along with Cersei when she told him she found his whore. The last two episodes were beautifully played out for Tyrion, to lead a group of soldiers into war with a speech that didn’t make them fight for glory and honor, but instead to save the lives of others and their selves. He was left with a scar across his face given to him by his own men, and then was denied the glory he deserved, and pushed to the slumps of the kingdom where he vowed to stay and keep the kingdom honest. For me, he was the most interesting character to watch this season, and maybe it is just because I love the way he plays the game. On the bright side, his relationship with Shae seems to be in check, and she has proved herself more than once this season. Shae told her lion that she was not some waste of space, and then we saw her become the hand maiden to Sansa. Through out that trial we watched a friendship develop, and with Tyrion we saw her become more protective and her love for him grow. In the last two episode we left with her standing up to Cersei when she commented on her curtsey, and we watched her beg Tyrion to leave with her and return to a normal society without all the cutthroatness that lied in the castle. Sansa finally grew a pair and started to despise Joffrey, which I was beginning to worry would never happen. She also sprouted as a women, and no one was as happy about that as Cersei. The longing she carries to be with her family, and the troubles she has to deal with being stuck with the Lannister’s. She dealt with almost being raped, and even made a connection with The Hound. Character wise, she grew up the most and the development I saw from her I enjoyed. It honestly killed me to watch any scenes from her last year, but this year I did enjoy watching her growth; her hate for Joffrey, the way she played the game of the castle. Tyrion put it best when he said she might survive this after all. Next character on my list is the hideously gorgeous Cersei, it seems like the longer Jamie is missing from her side the bitchier she gets with those around her. But don’t worry too much, her sexual pleasures were met with her young cousin, and Tyrion made sure he milked him of information to keep the secret. Cersei not only slaps Joffrey, but also admits later that she is starting to hate her son (Is it sad that I sympathized with her?), she constantly torturing Sansa with the idea of childbirth and let her know that she doesn’t have to love Joffrey she just has to bare his children and look glorious while they reigned over the lands. But nothing compares to damage she did to Tyrion, not only did she do as I mentioned earlier but in the second to last episode she hired one of the soldiers to kill him after the battle. Since his is stated earlier, you can safely assume he is alive, for now. Nothing is ever promised in this game. In the last two episode with Cersei she was telling Sansa that the guard that was protecting them was sent to kill them if intruders came in, and in the last episode she convinced Joffrey to rid Sansa’s hand in marriage and get with Margaery Tyrell. Short tidbit on Joffrey, the one everyone loves to hate, and this season the hatred for him grew. He went through a journey of violent rampages, for example he was sent a gift of two whores and while he hand them he made one of them beat the other till he was satisfied and then he sent them back. With his new engagement to Margaery, we can only hope that what happened in the books is soon applied to the TV series. Now lets transfer over to Renly Baratheon, in which there is also not much to report on because he died within the first few episodes. The sad fact of the matter? He was killed by his brother Stannis, kind of. More like he was killed by his brother’s witch (in more ways than one if you catch my drift) and her newborn black shadow demon. Speaking of that cute monster, will we ever get to be graced with his presences again? Renly was also married to Margaery, Loras’s sister. Next up, Catelyn Stark. Catelyn was interestingly played out this season, after Renly’s death she gained a new ally by the name of Brienne. In her scenes with Robb she warns him about sending Theon to forge an alliance with his father, and then later “betrays” him by releasing Jamie Lannister in hopes to exchange him for her daughters. And although her relationship with Robb has suffered a few setbacks this season, I feel like the cliffhanger we received in the finale will only make matters worse. Which brings us to Robb Stark, he is my favorite character in the series mostly due to the fact that he is a lot like Ned, and he follows his heart. We left him last season in which Catelyn made a deal for him to marry a Frey girl in exchange for use of the bridge. And this season we are blessed with Talisa Maegyr (Books readers, do you have any conspiracy theories on the name change?) and we see “the boy who can transform into a wolf” fall in love. And so far, he has been quite successful in his battles. The major turning point for him comes when he invites Talisa to come with him for supplies, and due to his recent upset with mommy dearest he claims manhood and admits he does not want to marry the Frey girl. Well, there goes the bridge. In the season finale he marries Talisa (Once again book readers, any conspiracy theories on what is next?). He also loses a “friend” this season when he sends Theon Greyjoy to get his father’s alliance against the Lannister’s. He is left to believe that Theon has killed both his brothers, Bran and Rickon, and took Winterfell as his own. Of course, Bran is very much alive, as is Rickon thanks to Osha. On a side note, Osha (Natalia Tena) has been wonderful this year, her character is thriving in this new season. I cannot wait for what lies in store for her next, since Martin has noted that he wants to expand her role in the series due to her performance. Bran has tried very hard this season to live up to the Stark name. Although he is crippled, he does not let that slow him down, and the dreams are fascinating, such as the dream of Winterfell being captured by the Sea (hence Greyjoy taking over). And now after hiding, he is on the move again for shelter since Winterfell was destroyed in the season finale. Arya’s story this season was one to keep up with. She started off on the road with the night watch’s recruits, befriending Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, Gendry, she also lets him know her secret (reminder: she is disguised as a boy). After the Castle’s Soldier come for Gendry’s head, Cersei wants to be rid of all the bastards left by Robert, they take all that’s left as prisoners when Arya sells off a boy they killed as Gendry. Next stop, torture island where the game is to give secrets or die a horrible death. Gendry is soon on the list before Tywin Lannister swoops in and saves Arya claiming her as his hand maiden and taking the prisoners for his new recruits are soldiers to fight off Stark. Arya, now in the hands of Tywin, learns the traits of a hand maiden while slowly trying to keep her identity hidden; this is quite hard when you are met with such a intelligent captor. Soon after she arrives there she is reunited with Jaqen H’ghar (Quick backtrack, when the soldiers attacked, Arya released three prisoners and he happened to be one of them), he lets her know that he is in debt to her and owes her three deaths. Arya takes this power very seriously, arranging the death of two men, before asking him to take his own life. He responds quickly, and for exchange of one death she ask him to get her, Gendry, and Hot Pie out of there so they can go back home. Upon their leaving she and her friends notice that he has killed also those guarding the night, and they soon flee knowing that they will be searching for the killer when morning has come. While on their way Arya runs back into Jaqen, and he gives her a coin telling her two recite “Valar Morghulis” and that Jaqen is dead. When she repeats the words, like he asks, his face changes revealing that he is a part of the assassin group, Faceless Men. And finally we are met with Jon Snow, I was disappointed with his storyline this season but I do enjoy him as a character. Although the first few episode with him escape my mind, as soon as he goes beyond the wall is a different story. He is split from the Night’s Watch when he forced to stay behind a kill Ygritte, a wildling with whom he seems to harbor sexual feelings for since he does not kill her like he was ordered to. Shortly they are met with Ygritte’s people, and he is taken hostage and meets Qhorin and learns all the other men were killed. Qhorin then tries to fight with Jon, which John does not oblige to until he insults his family. Qhorin was not smart to pick a fight with Jon because Jon does kill him which impresses the wildlings. The last scene with Jon is Ygritte showing him the wildling encampment. The last scene of the season was a cliffhanger I was excited to watch: Trumpets begin to play as the a few of the Night Watch is talking, as soon as the sound is heard the scurry off. Unfortunately Sam trips and is stuck, causing him to hide behind a rock and witness White Walkers and Wights all armed and looking prepared for battle. The Head Honcho glances at Sam and release a terrible scream, but ignores him and marches one. All I can say is, Winter is Coming. This Season was spectacular, this yearlong wait will be the death of mean. Game of Thrones Season Two Grade: A++