True Blood Season 5 Episode 5 “Let’s Boot and Rally”

RECAP: So far this season we have seen Tara get turned into a vampire, Jessica take over as Queen of Louisiana, Steve Newman confess his love for Jason, Jason try to reconnect with Hoyt and enter fairy land, Sookie deal with Tara as a vampire and the possible hookup with Alcide, Bill and Eric get captured by the authority, tortured by the authority, and released to find Russell Edgington, and Eric release Pam. And now we are here.

For Sookie and Alcide lovers, I am sorry for the disappointment. We started the episode with them edging closer and closer to the bedroom only to have Sookie throw up on Alcide’s shoes and Bill and Eric enter the bedroom to great them. The current situation with Lafayette is heartbreaking, not only is he dealing with Tara and the loss of Jesus he is battling his inner demon that keeps releasing itself to harm others. Moving along to Jason’s return from the fairy world, the dream he experienced was haunting to say the least, and he seems to be wrapped up in the idea of vampires truly killing his parents, needless to say I was glad to be awoken from that clip with a phone call sending us to the crime scene we were left with last week. Andy was also woken up with a phone call, but I think we can all agree the creepiest thing about this was the fairies leaving both Andy and Jason buck naked. I mean have we not seen enough Andy Bellefleur’s backside this season? In Sookie’s kitchen we watch a fight between Eric, Bill, and Alcide and they start fighting to Sookie’s entertainment, leaving us with the great line of ” It must be Thursday”. Flip over to Fangtasia, Tara is slowly starting to come into her own as a vampire and with Jessica’s help she might actually enjoy being one. Also, didn’t she look great? Although the clothes may not fit her human character, I feel like they are well suited for her transformation into a vampire. We catch back up with Bill, Eric, Sookie, and Alcide head over to talk to Doug and see if Sookie can unglamour him and find the whereabouts of Russell, before its too late and Bill and Eric receive the True Death. What we do find out with Doug is that women dug him up, and she is a member of the authority; although Bill blames Nora, my money is on Salome. The authority is watching Nora closely since revealing she believes in the Vampire Bible and the rise of Lilith, and the watch of Mr.Compton and Mr.Northman to see if they can find Russell Edgington before dawn. Roman, though, is focused more so on loyal mainstreaming vampires turning back to the true vampiric ways. Now we are with Terry and Patrick, and they are being held captive by Eller from their past who believes they are being tortured by curse put on them by an innocent lady they killed will they were high, and on patrol in Iraq, the thing that hunts them is called Ifrit. Andy was also woken up with a phone call, but I think we can all agree the creepiest thing about this was the fairies leaving both Andy and Jason buck naked. I mean have we not seen enough Andy Bellefleur this season? Back to the crime scene, two shifters are left dead from bullet wounds to the head, and it is slowly starting to seem like they are trying to kill of the supernatural in Bon Temps, starting with the Shape Shifters. Back to Fangtasia, Jessica starts telling Tara the beauty of being a vampire, and how it is acceptable to be afraid of it at first, but sooner or later you are going to have to embrace it. Is Jessica’s and Tara’s talks the start of a new found “girlfriend” friendship? Now we are making our way to the abandoned Asylum with the four musketeers plus Doug, every moment we are etching closer and closer to Russell, and unfortunately along the way are all his drained victims. We start to see Tara following Jessica’s words of advice as she goes outside to smoke a few cigarettes and is met with a vamp styled Hoyt who invites her to a pleasant session of dining. Terry’s reminding visions of Iraq make me question Patrick as a commanding officer, he was very about himself and now they are all paying the price. Unfortunately, Patrick takes advantage of Terry’s reassurance to Eller and takes him as prisoner leaving the Ifrit to consume Eller, even though Patrick does not believe that it is real. Flash to Lafayette, Jesus waking him as just a head whose mouth is sewed shut. As soon as Lafayette freaks out, Jesus goes to his momma who understands Jesus just fine and calls for Lafayette to relay the message. Bill, Eric, Alcide, and Sookie stumble upon Russell’s future dinner, leading them closer into Russell’s arm. Flash to Sam who is going to warn Luna to warn her, and tell her about the death of their two fellow shifters. Although there is racket from the next room, Luna reassures Sam that Emma is just having difficulty sleeping lately and asks him to leave for the night. As he exits he is met with the Supernatural Killers, who shot Sam and then Luna after she comes to check on Sam. Luckily Emma escapes as she shifts into a wolf, but the image of Luna shutting her eyes are not comforting to me. Could they really just kill her off like that? I hope not. Tara and Jessica are enjoying feast in neighboring stalls, and Jessica comes to Hoyt’s rescue as he pleads for Tara to stop. And finally, we find Russell and boy does he look happy to see us, but the end of the episode leaves us with the question, what happened with Alcide? Personally, I was disappointed with this season until this episode. This episode finally reached True Bloods potential, but it’s early ending did upset me. What do you think Jesus’s message to Lafayette is? Who do you think the Supernatural Killers are? And why do you think they are attacking now, and why are they after all forms of supernatural beings? Do you think Luna is dead? My grade for this episode is a B+, it is slowly returning to the show I used to love, but so far for this season 5 I am giving the season a C. Bring on Episode 6!


2 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Episode 5 “Let’s Boot and Rally”

    • popkaiture says:

      I am glad you enjoyed it! I also enjoy Jason’s character, so next week’s episode I will make sure to add a little more of his character for your pleasure. 🙂

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