The Dark Knight Rises: Why the Dark Knight Rose.

This will not be like my usual reviews, mostly because I do not want to ruin how great this movie truly is. Now let’s begin. The first face we see return is the wartime worn face of Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman). His character is similar to how we left him, except for the fact that his family left him for not speaking the truth about what went down between Batman and Harvey Dent/Two Face. You can tell in his face and the ways he acts that this has taken a toll on him, and that he cannot seem to forgive himself or move past it. (Remember this is 8 years in the future). His character literally goes through Hell after a run in with Bane and his henchmen. And you can tell from his time of suffering that he is ready to restore the town to its former glory and restore Batman’s name in Gotham City. Our next returning character is the ever charming Alfred, and unfortunately we do not get to see much of his glorious face during much of these movies. But every scene he is in is moving; Michael Caine is such a brilliant actor, I cherish him deeply. His character brings so much life to the screen, and if you do not cry at any of Alfred’s scenes then you are totally heartless. He does get his wish, and I will leave it at that. Next up, we have Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman). Lucius plays an important role in this film, as he has done in every batman movie. For me, he truly brings about the return of Batman by introducing new toys such as “The Bat” which is the flying mechanism that we get the pleasure of viewing in the commercials. Also, watch for his words because he does foreshadow things (unintentionally) when it comes to the ending. Now it is time for the new characters, and let’s start off with the villain shall we? With the Joker (Heather Ledger) we witnessed a terrifying match psychologically, and now in The Dark Knight Rises we meet a match in the physical category. Gotham’s Reckoning, Bane (Tom Hardy) is a terrifying mercenary, and although a lot of critics have picked at him for not being the Joker, they did not pay attention to how great Tom Hardy truly was. All of the emotion were told from his eyes, and for the most part his eyes were black and heartless. If Bane was on the street, I would truly be worried for my life. We soon learn after meeting him that he was excommunicated from the League of Shadows (Reference Batman Begins). And he will stop at nothing to fulfill Ra’s Al Ghul’s wish of destroying the corruption that was Gotham City. And he does have a friend lurking in the shadows. We also have a new lady love by the name of Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), and my words to describe her would be very pushy. She is yearning for Bruce Wayne’s attention and his money for her project our supplying clean air to the world. She eventually works a way into his life, and we watch their chemistry blossom as she tells us of her hard childhood before they struck it rich. Miranda is indeed an interesting character, and as the movie progresses you discover more about her and her story. Next we have one of the most interesting characters of all time in comic book history, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). Christopher did perfect casting when selecting Anne Hathaway, she played the part with justice. Her transitions from sweet to seductive were breathtaking, and I loved every minute with her on screen. From the beginning her and Bruce Wayne had chemistry/sexual tension, but they do get pushed to the back burner after Miranda clawed her way through. Selina Kyle also has a huge wakening for her character (Phew, what a lot of work for one character) as she goes from bad kitty to the perfect sidekick/arm candy. Anne Hathaway holds her own in this character, and it is beautiful to watch. The last and my favorite character, John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). He is the perfect good cop, and he is the best detective (Refer to Tim Drake). He has strong morals through out the movie, and even with Bane’s demise of Gotham City he still encourages the town to have hope. Plus, he believes in Batman (and knows Batman’s/Bruce Wayne’s secret) since he was an orphan. You soon discover that Bruce Wayne has a soft spot for John Blake, and tries his best to keep that passion for Batman alive. “You wear the mask not to protect yourself, but to protect the ones you love”. And, of course the star of the show Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale). Over these ten years he has given us a marvelous example of what a comic book movie should be, and what a superhero truly was. We watched his character develop in Batman Begins, we watched him grow as Bruce Wayne and we watched the demise of Batman in The Dark Knight, and in The Dark Knight Rises we see him rebuild Batman and become the best Bruce Wayne that he could be, for his loved ones. We do watch Bruce Wayne go through a huge rebuilding of himself, and the way it plays out is nothing short of a masterpiece. Bruce Wayne starts out rich, but we soon discover that he is as broke as my piggy bank. And that is when he starts making decisions that effect the entire movie. Also, the team Catwoman and Batman create is so amazing, they suit each other very well. I will leave you with one last thing about Batman, the idea is that anyone could be behind the mask. The movie as a whole was nothing short of excellent, like a said before with Batman/Bruce Wayne this movie is also a masterpiece. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan for delivering us this beautifully crafted trilogy that I will hold near and dear to my heart till the day I die (both literally, and not). He crafted all of the characters with such pride and dignity that I can be nothing by grateful for this gift. (Yes, I am a diehard Batman fan). Also, the score for this movie, thanks to Hans Zimmerman, is superb. If you do see this movie, please enjoy it in IMAX, you will not be sorry. To all the conspirators who have not seen this legendary movies yet, the answer the all of your questions is yes, well almost. I will leave that for you to figure out. I cannot grade this movie due to its excellence, and I would like to thank Christopher Nolan one more time for this gift of greatness. “A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”


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