Walking Dead, Season 3 Episode 4 “Killer Within”

When Frank Darabont stepped down from The Walking Dead I was a little worried for the show, and at first I was not to pleased with what Glen Mazzara bringing. Season 3 had made me forget about all my worries, and tonight’s episode reminded me why The Walking Dead is such a powerful piece of television. The start of the episode set off warnings that tonight something big was happening, whether we liked it or not; some one was feeding the zombies and leading them towards the survivors, some one who was wearing a prison jump suit. Finally we are met with a few members of the group who are getting ready to take on the journey the day brings them. As they are getting ready to head back they meet the two prisoners the left at the end of Episode 2, Axel(Lew Temple) and Milton(Vincent Ward), asking Rick(Andrew Lincoln) to let them come back to their cell block and coexist with them. Nobody besides T-Dog(IronE Singleton) is hearing out their offer; he even goes as far as offering to stay in the cell next to them, keeping an eye on them at all times. Rick(Lincoln) hears T-Dog(Singleton) out, but when nobody agrees with it he gives him rhetorical question, “Whose blood would you rather have on your hands?” to which T-Dog(Singleton) replies “I would rather have neither”. While this was not the answer he was expecting, Rick (Lincoln) goes off, taking Darryl (Norman Reedus) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) to go get some wood to burn the walkers lying around the fields so they could start making a home here and plant crops. As the three amigos return, the gaze across to see Hershel(Scott Wilson) walking on crutches. At this sight we see Rick(Lincoln) and Lori(Sarah Wayne Callies) lock eyes, giving me hope that they could finally put the past behind them and move forward as one unit. But oh, my hopes were too high because dragging behind Lori(Callies) and the gang are a group of walkers looking for their next meal. At this sight you see Rick(Lincoln) Darryl (Reedus) and Glenn(Yeun) rush towards the others; on the other side Hershel(Wilson) and his youngest Beth(Emily Kinney) get to a gate where they separate themselves from the zombies with a crutch, Maggie(Lauren Cohan) Carl(Chandler Riggs) and Lori(Callies) make their way inside, but the flesh eaters did take a bite out of one character and unfortunately that would be T-Dog(Singleton) who entered a different entrance with Carol(Melissa McBride). Now we take a moment to flip over to The Governor’s(David Morrissey) perfect town, where Michonne(Danai Gurira) is digging deeper into The Governor’s(Morrissey) secrets, and she actually seems to have a fair idea of the person he truly is. On the flip side of town Merle(Michael Rooker) and Andrea(Laurie Holden) discuss matters, one of them being the location of where his brother last was, and how she was left behind. Back to the prison, Rick(Lincoln) and the crew make it over where they talk to Hershel about the others, following behind is the two prisoners. After Rick confronts them about their unfortunate circumstances, sirens start blaring drawing the attention of more zombies; the benefit of the prisoners is that they know the prison and Milton(Roberts) tells Rick he can take them there to shut them off. Pan back to Lori(Callies) Maggie(Cohan) and Carl(Riggs) running through the prison, where they are met with zombies at each turn. Thankfully Carl(Riggs) finds them shelter in the boiler room, and inside Lori(Callies) goes into labor. Lastly T-Dog(Singleton) and Carol(McBride) are running through the halls, T-Dog(Singleton) knowing there is no way to save him made it his last wish to get Carol through everything and into safety before him demise. Only his demise was sooner than the safety, as they meet two walkers and he throws himself at them as they wine and dine on his body. Unfortunately, Carol watches all of this before ever opening the exit. Now we are back with The Governor(Morrissey) as he talks with Merle(Rooker) about going to the house and searching for his brother, Darryl(Reedus). And although the Governor(Morrissey) is not bugging on his opinion, Merle(Rooker) is not giving up until they even give it a shot. This is the first time we have seen a character actually stand up to The Governor(Morrissey), and after last weeks episode how can you even be sure they would bring them in alive? Now we are back with the prison, Lori(Callies) is having complications with pushing the baby out, and asks Maggie(Cohan) to give her a C-section. Maggie(Cohan) is appalled with the idea, as is Carl(Riggs) whose knife they would be using for the operation. As they chew over the idea, Rick(Lincoln) Darryl(Reedus) and Milton(Roberts) make it to the generators, and as they go to shut them down Andrew(Prisoner left to die in Episode 2) jumps out with an ax and tries to Hack Rick(Lincoln) into pieces. Ultimately the decision is left up to Milton(Roberts) who ends up with the gun after Rick(Lincoln) and Andrew duke it out losing both their weapons. In the end he kills Andrew proving himself to Rick(Lincoln) and Darryl(Reedus) that he and Axel(Temple) deserve to be in the group because they are also survivors. Before we go back to the baby dilemma, I want to take you back to the final round with The Governor(Morrissey) as he sits with Andrea(Holden) and drinks a glass of whiskey, getting a few words before Andrea(Holden) and Michonne(Gurira) depart from this perfect zombie hideaway, seeing if he could persuade her decision. Before she leaves he tells her his real name is Phillip, basically making their decision kaput as Andrea(Holden) later tells Michonne(Gurira) that she wants to stay for a few more days. Finally we get back to Lori(Callies) as they begin the operation, before they start she saws her last words to Rick, “Goodnight Love”. Although he was not there, this was the most touching scene and yet no words could begin to describe how it was. As Maggie(Cohan) heads out with the baby to see if they can continue on without zombies, Carl(Riggs) flashes bag to Rick(Lincoln) telling him this moment would come, a few moments later we hear the ominous gun shot. Rick(Lincoln) and everyone make their way back to the yard where Hershel says they are the first to arrive, and moments later Rick(Lincoln) hears the sound of a baby, and turns to see that Lori(Callies) is not the one holding him. With that he cannot even look or touch the baby, but instead goes over to Carl(Riggs) and discovers that he was the one who had to kill Lori(Callies) so she would not turn. The most powerful performance was the last seconds as Rick(Lincoln) collapses to the ground and just cries. This was not what he wanted, this was not what anyone wanted…

After this episode, the survivors now have two open spots that Axel(Temple) and Milton(Roberts) seem to fill perfectly for this season. The Governor(Morrissey) looms ever closer to them, and the search for Darryl(Reedus) will soon begin. Also, notice that Carol(McBride) did not come out, even after T-Dog(Singleton) sacrificed himself for her. I cannot do another Sophia situation. Performance wise, this was the best episode of The Walking Dead yet, and perhaps the best episode of television all year. Andrew Lincoln is brilliant  and I cannot wait for next week as we see Rick deal with the aftermath of the situation. And although many people where displeased with this episode, all the best things are heartbreaking at one point or another.