Gearing up for Game of Thrones

Television has been a little bleak lately, except for the exception of “The Walking Dead”, but we are finally getting back around to one of my favorite times of the year: HBO Season. Up first is the lovely Game of Thrones (you have been off for way too long), and I am overly excited for it’s season premiere. We left off on such scandalous terms: Robb Stark was married, Tyrion is now on the outs with the Kingdom, Joffrey is betrothed to Renly’s widow but Sansa is still not free from his grasps, Bran is on the road after Theon Greyjoy went cray cray, Daenerys reunited with her dragons, and Jon Snow joined the wildlings. Of course the cliffhanger was the huge army of whitewalkers reassuring us that winter was coming. This season entails a lot if they decide to continue following certain paths of the book, and we will see the demise of many beloved characters (unfortunately). On the bright side we may also see the death of a truly hated character, so it balances out; I respect that. The previews so far have been tantalizing, one thing I am hoping for in particular is a showdown between Cersei and Tyrion and to see growth of Daenerys’s dragons. If you have not seen the trailer, here is the link: The song in the trailer is “Bones” by MS MR, and it is hauntingly beautiful (a recommended buy if you do not have it). Game of Thrones returns March 31 at 9/8 central on HBO. I hope you all are as excited for this season as I am. Also, Entertainment Weekly has the cast on their March 22nd issue, inside is some insight into season 3. If you need something to get you through these next two weeks (like I do), you should definitely pick up a copy.


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