Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale

I have never been disappointed in a Pretty Little Liars Finale, but I guess there is a first time for everything. For most fans, they were happy to learn that Toby joined the A-team to protect Spencer. This brought on a steamy sex scene in a random hotel room. Welcome back Spoby, you have been missed. On the low side the end of Aria and Ezra was brought to an end, many speculating that this will be for the final time. I am hoping this is not true, I am quite the fan of Ezria but I feel like the writers (I am looking at you Marlene King) twisted their story into one that is unsuitable for the show so they do not have to write for them anymore and can bring in more interest. The in between highlights, was the discovery of red coat which is none other than Alison. This revelation was a little underwhelming and not well played out to show that this was real and not a hallucination. Now to enter my complaints with this finale (besides the Ezria breakup and plot line this season). First and foremost, Mona apparently never knew who red coat was despite the finale in which she says “I did everything you asked”. Jenna returned and apparently she has something going on with Shawna (what happened to Jenna and Noel?) and they later meet up with Melissa who is overheard saying “all these bitches will be in the same place” before ending. My theory for this was them burning down the house with the girls inside, while framing Toby for the crime; this is what brought out Red Coat, she couldn’t let someone take down the liars if she didn’t have a hand in it. We don’t have any resolution with the situation between Caleb and his dad. We still haven’t learned the identity of the body; my money is on Jason but since it wasn’t revealed it might just be a stranded guy which brings up the point of where the hell is Jason? It also seems as if now the liars and Mona are now working together to defeat their greatest enemy. We still haven’t learned what happened that night with Emily and the graveyard. To top of these great mysteries, the finale ended with the liars and Mona finding Wilden’s car pulled from the lake with the video playing. Added on to the end is Jenna and Shawna picking him up and carrying him off, soon the liars make their way to the trunk and pop it open with a gasp leaving us not knowing what’s in their. As the credits role we get a longer glimpse of the ending of the Halloween episode with a hand poking out of a grave and another hand helping to pull it up. But the greatest revelation was that pretty eyes as marlene the waitress would say was in fact Toby. Overall this finale was devastatingly disappointing, although no point was a bore it left me with more questions and only answered one or two. The writers need to start answering more if they want to keep viewers, and find a way to get back to what made the show such a hit in the first place; forbidden love, dark secrets, self revelations, and four friends trying to find the answer to the event that changed everything.



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