Welcome to Ravenswood

I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick, and Joseph Dougherty are at it again. Today it was announced that the executive producers of the hit Pretty Little Liars would be releasing a spin off series called Ravenswood. The series will be released in October right after the annual Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode. Details are the show are limited, but the story line revolves around a deadly curse that plagues a town called Ravenswood. The curse, fixing to return to its beloved town, brings together five strangers who are forced to dig into this town’s malignant history. If you can’t handle waiting for more information there are secrets hidden within the Pretty Little Liar’s Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. They also created a twitter account for this show () that you can follow, and I am sure as the premiere gets closer it will let out secrets of its own. This was not the only good news for Pretty Little Liars fans, it was also announced today that Pretty Little Liars is renewed for a fifth season. Although the fourth season will not premiere until June, fans are still raving for they are excited that the cult hit is nowhere near done.


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