Justice League Dream Cast

With the popularity of the Avengers it will be a matter of time before DC Comics start trying to churn out their own version with the Justice League. There has already been buzz around who should be cast in these legendary roles, and for fun I decided that I would insert my opinion on who would be the perfect fit for these films.

First up is Superman:


With a Man of Steel Superman film in the works I feel like the first choice would be Henry. He has the looks, but can he fit the role? With Christopher Nolan as a producer of Man of Steel I have no doubt that he will fit the role perfectly. Cavill auditioned for the role of Superman/Clark Kent in Superman Returns before it was given to Brandon Routh, which helped him dodge a bullet as the movie was a huge flop. You will recognize him from his roles in Immortals where he portrayed Theseus or in The Tudors where he was Charles Brandon.

Reasons Why He Could Be a Good Superman:

While preparing for his role as Superman he has reflected solely on the comic book material. I think this will help him create a fresh image of Superman, instead of trying to live up to the incredible Christopher Reeve like Brandon Routh did. He also brings a fresh face to the image, I think this Justice League should bring in new and upcoming talent to plate.

Up Next: Tomorrow I will dream cast the role of Green Lantern


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