Justice League Dream Cast Day 2: Green Lantern

Yesterday I started my dream casting for the Justice League. To kick of this momentous moment I started with the beloved character Superman who is great in comics, but doesn’t always translate well to film. Hopefully Henry Cavill will exceed expectations as Superman in Man of Steel to fan girls and fan boys everywhere. Today I will go into the casting of Green Lantern. Last time we saw him he was Hal Jordan and portrayed by Ryan Reynolds who just didn’t satisfy my fan girl needs, so I am reverting back to the Green Lantern I know and love: John Stewart.

My pick for Green Lantern:


I do not think they will do another Green Lantern film before they make a Justice League, but if they did I think Chadwick Boseman would be the perfect man for the job (and lantern). While the name may not sound familiar currently, if the movie 42 goes over smoothly I believe he will become a household name. In 42 he is portraying  the legendary Jackie Robinson. Harrison Ford may be the actor to draw people in for the movie, but he is going to be the person that makes them want to stay and leave them wanting more. When I first saw him in the commercials I knew that he would make a perfect John Stewart.

Why He Would Make a Good Green Lantern:

While people are wanting an older and more experienced cast for the Justice League, I believe young and fresh faces are the way to go. Chadwick Boseman has various little roles next to his name, but the casting of John Stewart/Green Lantern would make his career. Most of his experience is in the theater, where he has even won an AUDELCO award.

Up Next: Tomorrow I will dream cast the role of Wonder Woman


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