Justice League Dream Casting Day 3: Wonder Woman

Out of all the casting possibilities in the realm of the Justice League, I would say that Wonder Woman is hands down the hardest. And obviously the networks and studios agree since every possibility of a Wonder Woman film or television series seems to get turned down or remains in “production”. And with the lack of female actresses whom possess Wonder Woman’s fierce persona, I believe we do have a few choices that shine through.

My pick for Wonder Woman:

jennifer-lawrence-glamour3 emilia-clarke-juego-tronos-6

As I was making my way through media outlets to find who I desired, I came up with a tie between two actresses that stun: Jennifer Lawrence and Emilia Clarke. With the most famous of these being Jennifer Lawrence, I will start with her first. In everything she plays, from Winter’s Bone to Hunger Games to even Silver Linings Playbook, she defies the normal gender stereo types and portrays a strong female; one of the reason’s why woman all around the world look up to her and envy her. In my opinion, she even has the build of Wonder Woman toned yet dangerously curvy. When faced with the big leagues, we all know Jennifer Lawrence could hold her own. Emilia Clarke, on the other hand, is a little less known, although some might recognize her as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. The mother of dragons may only stand to a whopping 5’3″ but she is ruthless when needed. Some question her acting ability, but I believe if she was given the reigns to a big movie like this she would deliver like no other. Also, like Lawrence, Clarke had an undeniable body for the voluptuous Wonder Woman and the attitude to go along with it.

Why They Would Make a Good Wonder Woman:

Jennifer Lawrence is the ideal strong female when it comes to casting decisions in Hollywood. When they want a role down with feisty deliverance it is her door they are knocking at. If she can continue to grow and improve on her major role of strength as Katniss there is no way this role could be denied to her. Against the rest of the strong cast of the Justice League she would be able to shine through as a strong character. If Scarlett Johansson can do it in  The Avengers, then Jennifer Lawrence can do it here. Emilia Clarke pulls of this type of role every Sunday night with Game of Thrones, she is unrelenting when making her way to the throne. Through out her battle with power, she not only has survived but has developed the mentality needed of her to become Queen. She does not flinch in the face of danger, and she would not cower when it came to saving the world as Wonder Woman. Both of these actresses are beautiful and vigorous on there quest to attain strong female dominance, and this is why they would be incredible as Wonder Woman.

Up Next:  Tomorrow I will dream cast the role of The Flash


One thought on “Justice League Dream Casting Day 3: Wonder Woman

  1. richard433 says:

    Interesting choices, I like the enthusiasm and reasoning the reasoning holds up. I will keep coming back to see where this ends up going.

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