Justice League Dream Casting Day 4: The Flash

Yesterday we explored strong females to portray Wonder Woman, and today we are moving to Kansas, USA to meet the charming Wally West aka The Flash. This character is one that rarely makes the small screen, unless it is intertwined with the Justice League. In the comic books though, he is rich of character and son to Legendary Flash Barry Allen.

My pick for The Flash:


With his southern drawl, I think the perfect person to play Wally West is Ryan Kwanten. Fans would recognize him from the HBO hit True Blood where he plays Sookie’s charismatic brother Jason, but this summer he will make his way to the big screen with the horror thriller 7500. Ryan has the athletic physique that Wally West possessed, and the looks fit well for the playboy attitude Wally exhibited in the early editions of his comic. One of my favorite parts of Wally West is his “super” friend relationship with Bruce Wayne aka Batman, and the person I chose for Batman well suits this fact.

Why He Would Make a Good Flash:

Whenever I think of Wally West, I always picture Jason Stackhouse; charming, playboy characteristics, athletic. Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse too perfectly, and to have this type of character transfer over to the big screen would be a blessing to all. I could see them creating a more serious Justice League (inspiration being The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Man of Steel), which would allow Kwanten to give the movie some comic relief with his playful demeanor. Overall I could not think of a better actor to play this role.

Up Next: Tomorrow I will dream cast the role of Aquaman.


3 thoughts on “Justice League Dream Casting Day 4: The Flash

  1. Ainsley says:

    I am not sure about that choice,I think the flash needs someone who can be witty and not play a semi-retarded character.I have only seen him in true blood so I make have to take a look at his other work but interesting choice

    • popkaiture says:

      I know Ryan Kwanten is mostly seen as Jason, who has his idiotic moments, but I think if he had a role like this he could showcase his other acting points. Plus, in some of his interviews he pretty witty. But I do know what you mean!

  2. dylan landon says:

    done. perfect. thank you. 100% agreement and glad someone made a point to post this. Hopefully they do go with Wally West in the movie, which i think they will..

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