Justice League Dream Casting Day 5: Aquaman

Today we are dealing with the superhero that pop culture hates, sorry Aquaman. To make the news even worse, there are rumors going around that he has completely dropped off the face of the earth (aka Justice League movie) as he did not make the cut. I still have faith in Aquaman though, and hopefully after I reveal my choice so would you.

My pick for Aquaman:


No other pick could bring some character to this comic book hero and satisfy the needs of boys and girls everywhere more than the dazzling Ryan Gosling. Gosling has made girl’s swoon with his romantic movies such as The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love., and he has made guy drool over his smooth moves in Drive and I expect the same reaction from his newest flick The Place Beyond the Pines. And with him as the face of Arthur Curry he could bring some much needed publicity to my rather new actor cast. I feel like his casting is similar to the casting of the Hulk for the avengers: he has been done many times over unsuccessfully, but get the right person in the role and he will blow past people’s expectations.

Why He Would Make a Good Aquaman:

Aquaman needs a laid back quality to him, and who is more relaxed than Ryan Gosling? With his cool guy vibe Ryan Gosling can completely transform how most people view this superhero (thanks to pop culture). If the studios were smart they not only re-surge this character’s image, but also exploit it to make an actual Aquaman movie. And who doesn’t want to be the guy that makes Arthur Curry cool to the public eye? Alas, Ryan Gosling is the only man for the job.

Up Next: Tomorrow I will reveal my last casting choice and that is for my favorite superhero, Batman.


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