Top Ten Television Shows to Watch This Summer

With some of the best television shows departing for the summer there still might be a view out there worth viewing. In fact I complied a list of the ten top television shows to watch this summer.  If you are a big TV addict like me, then hopefully this list while help curb your television needs. With that being said, lets get the summer ball rolling.

Number 10: Reality Television Shows

Now here me out, these shows are definitely a waste of your time. At the same time, if you are sitting at home lonely and/or bored what better way to make yourself feel better? Sure you could go out and spend money on movies and food, but reality television is free for your pure enjoyment. I am not saying you should watch every episode they churn out, but checking in once and a while might be good for your soul. Big Brother is a personal favorite of mine, but hearing Chef Ramsey yelling at innocent bystanders can be quite entertaining. To help the decision weighing on your heavy heart, I have provided a list below of what you can expect from reality television this summer:


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