Top Ten Television Shows to Watch This Summer: Day Two

After a disappointing start with reality television, there is so much more to explore with summer television. Before I continue on with this list I do want to comment on how a lot of shows on this list are on there final seasons. Nothing makes for better television than for it’s last season.

Number 9: Burn Notice


This show can be over the top, but at it’s heart it is just a good old-fashioned action show. As Burn Notice ventures into unknown territory with season 7, audiences will be greeted with it’s last season. Season 7 will begin nine months in the future and each member of the team is on their own journey. Michael is now an alcoholic on an eight-year mission, and Fiona has a new lover who she also has the pleasure of doing business with. Although there will be a strong focus on the relationship between Michael and Fiona, I am more interested to see how the relationship between Michael and Sam changed. Even with them leading separate lives they will be forced to come back together again, but the interesting part is going to be seeing how they can come together after all this time. I assume the fighting dynamic will stay the same, but can the bridges that have been burnt be repaired? Burn Notice’s last season will be one to watch as we explore the lives of these character’s and see how they come together as a team one last time. For the first look at season 7, you can watch the trailer here.

  • Burn Notice premieres on Thursday, June 6th at 9/8c on USA

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