Top Ten Television Shows to Watch This Summer: Day Ten

Number One: Arrested Development

arrested development season 4 netflix 01 Arrested Development: Season 4   On NETFLIX | Available Now

The long awaited season four of Arrested Development has finally arrived, but did it live up to fan’s expectations? For me, it met me halfway, but I am nowhere near close to being satisfied. The good news is that Mitchell Hurwitz isn’t done providing his audience with new material, how that material may be (new episodes? or the movie that has been promised?) delivered has not yet been  addressed. While Hurwitz has said a movie is the end goal, Netflix wants more seasons of Arrested Development. Before we go to deep let’s talk about what Arrested Development did right, and what they did wrong.

What Arrested Development Did Wrong:

Season four of Arrested Development had it’s hilarious moments, but they broke up the dynamic a little bit by having the character’s do “their” own episodes. This family is better together, much to Michael’s (Jason Bateman) demise. Although some character were able to hold their own in their respective episodes (Job, Buster, Tobias), most of the characters suffered (Lindsey, Maeby, Lucille, George). Also the broken time line made some of the episodes drag on, I could have replaced George Bluth’s (Jeffrey Tambor) and Lindsey’s (Portia de Rossi) extra episode for an extra episode for Tobias (David Cross) and Buster (Tony Hale); they story might not have progressed, but at least I would have enjoyed it. We also lost the father/son dynamic between Michael and George Michael (Michael Cera), and were treated to an awkward father/son love triangle with Ron Howard’s illegitimate child Rebel Alley (Isla Fisher). Many people also stated that the episodes kept them at bay, but the cliffhanger didn’t leave them wanting more.

What Arrested Development Did Right:

That cliffhanger, it leaves so much potential open that the next storyline can literally go anywhere; it may not have excited many, but it did excite me. Also another benefit of these season was the guest stars, we got Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio), Herbert Love (Terry Crews), Ron Howard, Lucille Two (Liza Minnelli), Andy Richter and his many brothers, Warden Stefan Gentles (James Lipton),  Sally Sitwell (Christine Taylor), Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler), Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller), and countless others. Although some of the episodes did drag on, most of them were hilarious and dealt with the issues left open from season three such as Maeby’s (Alia Shawkat) Hollywood job, Gob’s (Will Arnett) relationship with his son Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade),  Lucille’s (Jessica Walter) relationship with Buster, and Tobias’s and Lindsey’s crumbling relationship. Plus the kept most of their running puns going (Hello Brother, It’s not magic, it’s an illusion, forget me nots), while introducing new ones (ostrich much?) to maintain the Arrested Development series going. It was a treat for new and old fans alike.


Top Ten Television Shows to Watch This Summer: Day Nine

Number 2: Pretty Little Liars and The Amazing World of Gumball (tie)


This selection is more my guilty pleasures, but they are also some of my favorite television shows on TV today. Pretty Little Liars is daring and addictive, plus their producer, I. Marlene King, is constantly is making homages to the ever brilliant Alfred Hitchcock. So although people like to make it out like this is just another teen drama, it can be so much more at times. It is constantly growing and maturing with it’s audience, and is currently known as the show that is evolving the way we watch television and integrate social networking. The season 3 finale may have disappointed me, but I am beyond excited for it’s premiere tomorrow. Another thing that makes this television show stand out is it’s remarkable cast; Lucy Hale doubles in acting and singing and will be releasing an album later this year, Troian Bellisario is amazingly gifted starring in the WIGS serious Lauren (watch it if you haven’t) and is currently making a movie called Immediately Afterlife with costar Shay Mitchell, and Ashley Benson is making waves in movies with her break out hit in Spring Breakers. This season is supposed to be the season of answers, lets all hope together that they deliver.

People rage on and on about the creativity of Adventure Time and The Regular Show, but The Amazing World of Gumball goes unnoticed. This show has a direct line to my funny bone, it is a unique kind of witty and I don’t mind wasting several hours watching Gumball (Logan Grove) and Darwin (Kwesi Boakye) make dumb choices and learn weird lessons from each mistake; and yes, Darwin is a walking and talking fish paying homage to Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution. This season will be just as much fun as the first two, and will bring us further down the trail of Gumball’s and Darwin’s mind. If you have missed out on this greatness I do suggest you watch the first two seasons immediately, it is not necessary it just for your personal enjoyment.

Top Ten Television Shows to Watch This Summer: Day Eight

Number 3: Breaking Bad



This show is one of the best shows on television currently, in fact AMC kills it in the television department; Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Killing, and (and my personal favorite) The Walking Dead/The Talking Dead. And when it comes to character development, it doesn’t get much better than this. Since the beginning I have had a love/hate relationship with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Skyler White (Anna Gunn) and their relationship, and now I still struggle with find the redeeming qualities that will save them in the end. But isn’t that the point of this show? To debate the moral standings of these characters as the enter the treacherous world of drugs, while dealing with a brother in law (Dean Norris) that has a hand in bringing these characters to justice. In the show we have also watched Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) grow from a punk into someone who could hold his own. As this show comes to an end I believe we will come to the breaking point of all these characters, especially since Hank just discovered Walter’s connection to the blue meth. Although this is a late summer show I cannot wait to see how these characters will save themselves from this world they are all untangled in. 


  • Breaking Bad will premiere Sunday, August 11 at 9/8c on AMC

Top Ten Television Shows to Watch This Summer: Day Seven

Number 4: The Killing


This show has battled with critics and viewers with it’s slow pace, but overall the story it tells is truly exciting. To undo the “mistake” that they created with the first two seasons this season opens up with a murder case that will be solved by the time of the season finale. This season we are following a serial killer who preys on women and kills them by practically severing their head. The only problem with this case is that is mimics a case Linden (Mireille Enos) supposedly solved a few years back, and if you are curious this is the case that drove Linden to the mad house, and the killer is currently on death row waiting to be hung for his crimes. Yes, he asked to be hung; to insure this creepiness was perfected they cast no other than usually disturbing Peter Sarsgaard. This season also has more of a focus on Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and his new partner, and Holder’s dominance helps breath more life into this series. With the pace this current season is going at I could see it quickly being renewed for a fourth season, that is if Mireille Enos isn’t busy with her Hollywood paced life thanks to the World War Z franchise that will unfold if the first movies holds up to the demand from audiences.

  • The Killing premiered on Sunday, June 2 at 8/7c on AMC