Oscars 2014 Nominations: Best Picture

The Oscar’s are here again, my favorite time of the year. The film line up this year is to die for, and overall it gives a glimpse into different lifestyles. Whether you are a regular man who has the bravery of several men, a woman struggling for a purpose, a man lost in time seeking companionship through technology, or even a cheap trick of a man scamming people as they come around there is a film for everyone. I may not have had the pleasure of seeing all the films on this list, but I look forward to seeing them all.


2014 Golden Globes Women’s Fashion

The Golden Globes is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, but it is an even bigger night for fashion. The best of the best come out and strut their stuff on the red carpet rocking everything from Oscar de la Renta to Calvin Klein. For 2014 here is the best looks, I hope you enjoyed these ladies’ gowns as much as I did.