5 Ways to Help The Amazing Spider-man 3

(This post contains spoilers about The Amazing Spider-man 2, some links also contain spoilers about the movie, read at your own risk)

I have been a huge fan of the reboot for the Spider-man series. The casting decisions have been brilliant, and I feel like each actor has portrayed their characters perfectly. Most of the complaints I have heard about the new series is that it is the first comic book movie series to focus more on the love story than the actual superhero/villain aspect. This has not bothered me one bit, I feel like Spider-man has always been one of the few characters whose relationships were more iconic than some of his villains. You think of Spider-man and you are as likely to name Mary Jane (or Gwen Stacy if you really dig the comics) as you are Green Goblin. I have always been a Gwen Stacy fan, so I was excited to see how this film would handle that deadly topic that I have been dreading since it first premiered. While I have really enjoyed what Marc Webb has spun together, I think there are a few things needed to keep the series fresh and not cluttered.

5. Justify Why This Series Needs Four Movies

I feel like this series could easily be wrapper into three movies, so I am confused why they even felt the need to sign up for a fourth film that will be released in 2018. From what I have gathered, it sounds like they are trying to rush out both a Venom and a Sinister Six film. Although those films will be awesome, I feel like they are trying to build this movie up to compete with The Avengers levels, since Spider-man will never be apart of The Avengers as long as Sony owns it. Which might not be long after they finish this series. A part of this really disappoints me because I would love to see Andrew Garfield become apart of The Avengers, but will he want to keep doing Spider-man by the time he is finished with this series? Or will Disney even want him to be Spider-man? I could see them going after a younger actor and rebooting the series, unless they see a lot of profit in continuing on with Garfield as Spider-man. Also, Marc Webb will not be attached to fourth film which makes me doubt even more why there should be one. With Webb leaving, I feel like Amazing Spider-man 3 is going to feel more like a conclusion to the storytelling that I have loved.

4. Stop the Tease with Mr. Fierce

Oh sorry, it is Mr. Fiers, to you. Yes, The Amazing Spider-man left us wondering who was talking to Curt Connors at the end of the first film, but when he meets with Harry at the end of The Amazing Spider-man 2 Harry (Dane DeHaan) calls him Mr. Fiers. Gustav Fiers is a character who helps put together the Sinister Six in Adam-Troy Castro‘s trilogy. Harry ordered Mr.Fiers in the end to create a small team. We see the beginning of this with Aleksei Systsevich (Paul Giamatti) being busted out and given his shiny new rhino suit. The Sinister Six looks like it will consist of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio. I am guessing that Harry will continue to be the Green Goblin, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Norman Osborn again in the series.

3. Finally Introduce Doc Ock

As it becomes clear that they are trying to push forward the Sinister Six movies, why not introduce one of Spider-man’s greatest villains? That, of course, would be Doctor Octopus. He is, hands down, my favorite villain in Spider-man lure and his portrayal in Spider-man 2 was what made the movie such a hit. He is also the smartest of Spider-man’s foes, which allows him to challenge Peter on multiple levels with his strength and his intellect. And since every villain has been churned out of Oscorp, I would love to see how he comes to be. I think they did a great job with Electro, I know most found him creepy/highly disturbed but I felt bad for him and felt like he was forced into a life of isolation that turned him into the monster we saw in the films. The transformation and insecurities that surrounded Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) make me extremely excited to see how they will create Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius.

2. Show Peter Parker as a Photographer

In the Amazing Spider-man 2 they briefly mention that Peter takes picture of Spider-man for the Daily Bugle. This leads Harry to believe that Peter must know Spider-man personally since he took his picture. While this series touches on it, we have mostly seen Peter be consumed with the identity of Spider-man. I would like to see him reach out in the real world and show him moving around in everyday life. I think we will see this more since he loss his first love (and true love in my opinion) and they need to find a way to connect him to society and introduce Mary Jane, which leads me to my next point…

1. Cast Red-Headed Emma Stone as Mary Jane

A part of this is joking, but a part of me really wants this. I didn’t want Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) to die, I was so happy with her onscreen portrayal that I wanted her to stay forever, but I knew that was too much to ask for. I am still haunted by that scene in the movie. It is so fast and the final action when you see it in slow motion makes it sting. I still hear the thud as she hits the concrete. I do not know if I can ever get that image out of my mind. Even if her death haunts my dream, I know that they will not be able to hire a Mary Jane that has better chemistry with Andrew Garfield than Emma Stone. That is more than movie magic chemistry, it is simply love. Originally they had cast Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane, but her part was cut out of this movie and I see her role in the film being cut out as well. As they ponder keeping her as Mary Jane or find a new one, I secretly desire that Emma Stone be considered. But alas, this is merely a fantasy but I do hope they find a deserving red-head and they don’t settle for an actress who is the current it girl.


TV Character Who’ve Worn Out Their Welcome

I enjoy reading all of Entertainment Weekly’s little posts, but today they released an article about TV character who have worn out their welcome. Typically, I tend to agree with their opinion, but for some reason this gallery really got under my skin. I am going to show you their choices and their reasoning, and then I am going to talk about which character I think has worn out their welcome. With almost all of these I was left infuriated and questioning why they didn’t take a different route, so here is my TV character who’ve worn out their welcome.

Glee | New York may be the city that never sleeps, but this once-crackling show has become a real zzzzzzz . No time jump or relocation can…

1. Glee (Murphy, Fox)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of everyone: “It’s hard to pinpoint a single character to eliminate because the entire series has sunk to an all-time low of irrelevance, and even the musical numbers are fast-forward fodder at this point.”

My Opinion: I was never a big fan of Glee, I never saw the attraction and most of the episodes left me bored. That was until season four, I enjoyed the new cast in Omaha way more than the original class. The additions of Marley, Ryder, Jake and Kitty seemed like fun additions. I also enjoyed seeing Kate Hudson as a take what she wants teacher and Sarah Jessica Parker as a neurotic Vogue editor. Now in season five, there is nothing really left to stay around for. The story lines drag and the best thing would be to get rid of the show instead of lugging it around for one more season.


2. Vampire Diaries (Plec, The CW)

Entertainment Weekly says get rid of Jeremy and Bonnie:Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) both died — they just didn’t stay that way. Now they spend their days having awkward sex and sometimes helping; Bonnie’s no longer a witch, and Jeremy’s hunter status stopped being cool last season.”


My opinion: One of my favorite characters from the beginning of this show was Bonnie, I prefer witches to vampires and she always seems to be the one to save the day. I always hear people complain about Bonnie and Jeremy, but I think they have been dealt a bad hands story wise (I mean, Jeremy is supposed to be a Hunter and we rarely even deal with that now). They are being pushed to the back burner for characters like Caroline, who I wish they would kill off. Caroline has always been a jealous and judgmental character who cannot seem to survive without a man (Damon, Matt, Tyler, Klaus, and now a hint of Stefan). If she isn’t being overly peppy, she is sitting in the corner pouting. I think Candice Accola does a great job of playing her, I just cannot stand her character. Especially for this current story of will she or won’t she with Stefan, despite his current state. Although it would be wildly unpopular, it would be adios Caroline for me.

3. The Mindy Project (Kaling, Fox)

Entertainment Weekly says get rid of Jeremy:The dashing Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks) started the show as Mindy Lahiri’s (Mindy Kaling) sexy secret, but two seasons, one fat suit and an Adam Pally later, he’s become totally irrelevant. He hasn’t had his own plotline in ages, and while he is nice to look at, would anyone at Shulman and Associates even miss him if he was gone?”

My Opinion: I would miss Jeremy if he was gone! This was another character pushed to the back burner, but with good reason: the introduction of Adam Pally. While Adam Pally has been a great addition to his show, I loved his and Jeremy’s interactions when he first came along. The character that I would give the boot is already leaving Shulman and Associates, or at least has been downgraded to a  guest star: Zoe Jarman‘s Betsy. Her character is a little odd and while she helped deliver some funny lines in the first season, she was just extra baggage for the second. It is time for some decluttering, and Betsy has got to go.

4. Nashville (Khouri, ABC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Layla:The idea of Layla (Aubrey Peeples) was interesting: She was the young pop star who rose to fame on a reality show and excelled in doing covers of other people’s songs. It was another layer of the music world we’d yet to discover. But the character simply never found a life of her own. She was annoying when she was popular, and she was even more annoying when her music career failed.”

My Opinion: Let’s get Layla out of here, her character was dreadful when she was first introduced and she never got better. Currently she is only a cover for Luke as he battles with his sexuality, and her time on the screen drags even more than it should. She has a lot of growing up to do in the show, so let’s ship her back home so she can do that.

5. Scandal (Rhimes, ABC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Cyrus:Cyrus (Jeff Perry) was essential in Scandal‘s earlier seasons — but now that his monster mantle has been largely assumed by Papa Pope (Joe Morton), there’s not much left for the President’s Chief of Staff to do but huff and puff and monologue the whole Beltway down.”

My opinion: Besides Olivia’s interactions with the President, her interactions with Cyrus are my favorite. I love seeing them battle it out or work together. I agree he was a minor character for season three, but with the death of James I think we can see a new beast emerge from him. If I had to spare any character it would be Quinn. I enjoyed her enough the first two season, but this season they took her story line too far. I didn’t care what happened to her and I didn’t see why I should. Also, her relationship with Puck was so forced. While I wouldn’t want to see anyone leave from Scandal (haven’t you taken enough?), no tears would be shed if Quinn picked up and left.

6. Revenge (Kelley, ABC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Charlotte:Despite two major (possible) Hamptons kill-offs in the season 3 finale, we would have set our sights on another character. Given that Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) is the half sister of just about everyone on the show, an unfortunate end for her would mean fallout for most of the characters — and would also help reinvigorate Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) revengenda.”

My Opinion: I want to go bold with this since Revenge is a “bold” show. Why not say goodbye to Daniel Grayson? Since his turn as a bad guy, I felt like he has struggled to find a strong footing with his character. He doesn’t challenge the show in any way, and no one can top Victoria as the big bad. So do we need him? Daniel can be easily tossed aside and it would be a sweet revenge for Emily after what he took from her. Plus, I would love to see Charlotte and Emily finally team up and take down each target together.

7. The Walking Dead (Darabont, AMC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Rick Grimes:Great zombie series or ennui-riddled Sofia Coppola movie? It was hard to tell for most of season 4 thanks to Rick (Andrew Lincoln), whose dismal plotline and lack of enthusiasm became drags on the show — and his son. Killing him could be the best thing to happen to Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) story. (And maybe Walker Rick would have some charisma!)”

My Opinion: Why does Entertainment Weekly always try to kill off Rick? This is the one that made me scream in outrage. Rick is one of my all time favorite television characters, and maybe I am attached to his character in the comics, but if they killed of Andrew Lincoln I think they would be making a huge mistake. He has so much story left and it is a joke to me that by killing him off it would “be the best thing to happen to Carl’s story”. Rick was a background character the second half of season four to help build up every other character’s arc. I didn’t mind it because I know who Rick is and I am confident that he is the leader that The Walking Dead needs. Plus, we are getting to a point where the “Ricktatorship” has returned full force, and I am ready. The only character I would be willing to give up is Beth. I was so bored by her and a part of me was happy when she was kidnapped and we got to see Daryl on his own. Losing her wouldn’t be the worse thing to happen during the zombie apocalypse.