5 Songs You Should Listen To This Week

Music is the universal tether that holds this world together.  Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but it does bring a lot of people together whether it is for a simple karaoke night or a full blown out music festival (think Coachella or Austin City Limits). Well, to get you ready for the weekend I have complied a short list of songs you should be jamming out to right this second.

1. Come and Get Your Love by Redbone

While this may not be an obvious choice, it is definitely something you should turn up when it pops on the radio. But do you know how the best way to listen to it is? By buying the whole Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. It is titled Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 for a reason. It is the feel good album of the summer, so turn off your local station (which is likely playing Ariana Grande on repeat) and get yours hands on something worth listening to. 

2. Jolene by Lucy Hale

You are probably saying, “psh, country music isn’t my cup of tea,” or “No one can top Dolly Parton’s verision,” but I think you might be wrong. I am not really a huge fan of country music myself, but Lucy Hale‘s debut album Road Between made me reconsider my view on the genre. I dipped even deeper when she performed this classic live at the Honda Stage. While she has just broke into the country music scene, I see her being there for a long time.

3. Save Room by John Legend 

This little diddy has been out for awhile, but it definitely gets your toes tapping. For those of you who recognize the song, you either love John Legend or you heard it in the opening scene for Crazy, Stupid, Love. Either way, it is the perfect song to set a romantic mood or to simply have going on in the background while you are cleaning the house. The choice is yours, just remember to give it a listen.

4. Ticking Bomb by Aloe Blacc

If you haven’t listened to Aloe Blacc by now, I am deeply disappointed in you. While I love most of his music, his newest album, Lift Your Spirit, took his talent to the next level. It is hard not to get lost in his songs because his voice carries so much soul and passion. And while I love Sam Smith as well, this is really who you should be checking out if you want a voice that can move you.

5. Lucky Strike by Maroon 5

I first heard this song when I was getting my hair done last week, which is a surprise because I love Maroon 5. During that time I couldn’t stop bobbing my head, much to my hair dresser’s dismay. The point is, this song has an infectious sound that is great for crazy dancing around the room or for a high intensity work out. My only advice is to play it wisely, or your hair might pay the ultimate price.



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