5 Songs You Should Listen to This Week

My first five songs that I gave you were a fun mix of a lot of genres and artist. I wanted to introduce why music was so great by showing you how unique every song is and yet they are all so enjoyable. This week I wanted to focus on the romantic side of music. I have tons of playlist on my phone depending on the mood I am in, so this week I am giving you a peep of what is inside. These are the songs that tug my heart strings (in a good way) by giving my chills and making me feel a whole rush of emotions at once.

1. You There by Aquilo

I recently, in which I totally mean today, just heard this gem and I already have it on repeat. It is the reason why the theme this week is focused on the lovelier things in life. I think this song makes you feel surrounded, like being safely wrapped up in a warm, cozy blanket. It has a very haunted and delicate sound that you can easily get lost in.

2. Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol

I remember when this CD first came out, because I did buy it on CD and still proudly own it (I jam out to it all the time in my car). I wasn’t a big fan of Chasing Cars, but I was super pumped to buy this album. This is one of my favorite albums and Open You Eyes is one of my favorite songs. It starts off soft, matching the video by moving around at a normal pace, but it picks up and goes full blast hitting a climatic point of pure passion (which is what you truly hear and feel when you listen to this song).

3. My Heart With You by The Rescues

It starts out with all these voices hitting you, pure harmony, before adding slight musical effects here and there. The echoing in the background of their voices always gives me chills. It sets up a high stakes feeling, matching it with increased sounds and heightened pitches, but always brings it back to the poignant chorus.

4. Best Friend by Jason Mraz

This song carries significant meaning with me. This summer I got married to my love of six years and when we were asking for songs for our wedding, his best friend suggested this song because he said every time he heard it he thought of us. Double bonus, Jason Mraz is one of our favorite artists. This is probably the lightest song in the bunch, in terms of sound, but it is one that makes you just smile and feel good all over. Sometimes all  you need is a simple beat and a happy reminder of what you have in front of you.

5. Happiness by The Fray

For a song that features such a cheerful word, this song does not start off so happy. It follows the saying ‘if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was’ (Richard Bach). The song tells a story: it is slow at first establishing what it lost, but it finds a way to keep going and in the end it pays off.


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