Top Ten Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix

Warning: Before we get started down this dangerous road, you should watch this first (for your own safety, of course). Now, lets begin.

Since Netflix has become this black hole of awesomeness, we need to set up the hierarchy of what you should be watching. These are ten of the most enjoyable series on Netflix right now and I can only hope that you enjoy them as much as I have. So sit back and relax (but remember only 13 episodes in one sitting).


10. Pretty Little Liars (First four seasons are on Netflix)

This show has the everything a great TV show needs: mystery, drama and romance. While it might seem like a fluff teenage piece, PLL is actually a show that deals with a lot of mature topics. It is constantly pushing the limits of teenage dramas, and while it might seem like it is jumping the shark with a few story lines, it always finds a way to draw you back in. It uses subtle references to some of the greats (including Hitchcock), and it has a whole episode dedicated to the wonderful noir style that is delivered beautifully. Just because it seems young for your tastes doesn’t mean you should give it the short stick. 

scandal promo

9. Scandal (First three seasons are on Netflix)

Right off the bat this show was doing everything right: it came from the brilliant mind of Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington was the lead character and it revolved around the white house. The writing on the show is flat out amazing (and sometimes outlandish), and Kerry Washington delivers each scene with such confidence that it literally oozes off the screen. This political drama follows POTUS and the scandals around the white house as Olivia Pope (Washington) and her group of gladiators as they try to fix each problem before it leaks. If you don’t fall in love after the first season, something is clearly wrong with you.


8. The Walking Dead (First three seasons are on Netflix)

While the zombie apocalypse might seem like a turn off for some, it’s the character driven stories that leaves them hooked. The series follows around a group of survivors led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as they find a way to co-exist in a zombie ridden world. It is based off the comic series by Robert Kirkman, who has a large hand in the television series as well. The story differs here and there, but big picture wise I feel like they are on par with one another. The series may never get noticed by the Emmys for the performances it churns out, but the series viewership has continuously increased each year and that has to count for something, right?


7. Lost (All six seasons are on Netflix)

To even begin to explain this series, I feel like I wouldn’t be doing it justice. It will keep you on your toes the whole time, and just when you think you might have it figured it out it introduces another plot twist. For me, this is one of the most satisfying series on Netflix. It takes you on a journey with these characters, as you root for them to find a way home. Ultimately, after you finish the series you might find yourself saying “We have to go back!”.

Parks and Recreation - Season 5

6. Parks and Recreation (First five seasons are on Netflix)

First and foremost, there is not a single character in this show who is not simply the most magical things in the world. Greg Daniels (The Office, King of the Hill) created this beautiful piece of comedy that is a mockumentary of everyday local politics. We watch the journey of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), one of my many soul sisters, as she battles each obstacle that holds her back. Most episodes will have you on the floor laughing so hard you are in tears, whether it is because of little treasures like Little Sebastian or one of the many guests stars (like Paul Rudd). Plus, that guy from that blockbuster, you know Guardians of the Galaxy, yea he is in this show too (it’s whatever though).


5. House of Cards (First two seasons are on Netflix)

For those of you who are fans of BBC’s miniseries, I’m sorry but this is not what you are looking for. I am talking about the Netflix original series which was inspired by the BBC series and the novel. The show centers around one of the finest antiheroes on television and for some reason our culture has been eating that up lately. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) charms you with his breaking of the fourth wall, but you should worry because he is likely stabbing you in the back at the same time. While the story thrives on Frank’s conniving tactics, the show finds life in its supporting and guest characters. There is a reason why political thrillers are so delicious.


4. Fringe (All six seasons are on Netflix) 

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with this sci-fi series, but it had me hooked on the first episode; maybe it was the superb cast or maybe it was the allure of a mystery (I cannot resist a good mystery). Alas whatever it was, it had me hooked. It also possesses one of my all time favorite characters, Dr. Walter Bishop, who is portrayed by the equally amazing John Noble. This is another one of the shows where I don’t want to say too much, because I feel like I would give it all away. I wouldn’t want to deny you of that pleasure.


3. The Office (All nine seasons are on Netflix)

Once again, I am not referring to the BBC version, but you might have figured that out with the drastic difference in seasons. The series was developed by the Greg Daniels and him having two series on this list proves his brilliance (even if I am proving this to myself). This is one of the few series that I would have been okay if it decided to keep on going. I enjoyed all of the little episodes and the different special episodes (Christmas time was always the best). I love this show so much, I just finished re-watching the whole series for a second time on Netflix.


2. Supernatural (First eight seasons are on Netflix)

This is the little show that could. I remember growing up watching this show and no one else knowing what I was talking about when I would bring it up. Now it is like the shows that runs the internet, or maybe just Tumblr. For some the first two seasons are just okay television, but it is in its third season the series really finds its groove. Also, the definitely listens to what the fan base wants, dedicating certain episodes to them just for their enjoyment (like the episode where Dean (Ackles) and Sam (Padalecki) go to an alternative universe where they are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki who are staring in a show called Supernatural). It’s the little things that make this show such a pleasure.


1. Breaking Bad (All five seasons are on Netflix)

I can honestly say that I have not talked to a single person who didn’t like this show, it’s just that good. Breaking Bad was constantly resetting the standard for great television. Out of all the shows on this list, this is the one I think you will have the hardest time putting down. I think the show is at its best when it centers on Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul), but all of the characters play a role that could not be erased. Unfortunately, you will never be able to view any show the same after you watch Breaking Bad


What The Emmy!?!?

Every year the Emmy committee selects what they think is the best content on television for its respective year. Sometimes they get it right, but most the time people are left angry wondering why they didn’t consider other alternative. I deeply love television and all its wonders, so here is my list on what I think the Emmys are missing out on.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Instead of Jeff Daniels in The Newsroom, lets try Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

If you love television then you ate up the first season of The Newsroom. Unfortunately, the second season didn’t hit the mark and neither did Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy. Although I do deeply enjoy The Newsroom (and its offbeat second season), I couldn’t help but think how long Supernatural has been churning out seasons. Sure, maybe the writing isn’t always Emmy styled, but the performances are. This is especially true for Jensen Ackles and his role as Dean Winchester. From the start of the series to now, he has transformed so much and in its latest season he continued to push the envelope on what Dean Winchester is and what he can handle. Supernatural is the show that could and it has the cult audience to go with it, maybe the Emmys should consider why and look into when nominating candidates next year.

Instead of Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, lets try Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal

Just like The Newsroom, House of Cards didn’t deliver when it came to the second season. It didn’t have the drive the first season had, and the only person who made it enjoyable was Robin Wright. I love Kevin Spacey as much as the next guy, but Frank Underwood wasn’t my antihero of choice this year. So who was a good antihero that people should start getting behind? Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter. Despite being on a Friday, this show has gained attention for the performances from an star studded cast. It may be limited in what is can show compared to HBO or Netflix, but it has pushed the limits on content for channels like NBC, ABC or CBS. The season finale is one of my main cases for Mads Mikkelsen, if he is overlooked again next year it will be a great disappointment.

MINI RANT: True Detective is an anthology show like American Horror Story or Fargo, so what is it doing clogging up nominations for well deserved actors like Timothy Olyphant, Andrew Lincoln and Charlie Hunnam? It belongs in the miniseries category and I am very disappointed that mainstream stars like Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are taking up spaces when they will not (possibly) return for next season. Even if they do, it will be a completely different story line. Olyphant, Lincoln and Hunnam are always expanding the range and depth of their characters and there is no love for them shown in this awards show. That’s the real snub and disappointment.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Instead of Claire Danes in Homeland, lets try Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black or Nina Dobrev in Vampire Diaries

This is another case of the season kind of dragged and the lead actress wasn’t at the top of her game. So instead of spilling into that mess, lets talk about the people who really deserved a nomination. Tatiana Maslany has been donning different masks for Orphan Black and each character is so different that you cannot even believe her range. She even had a guest spot on Parks and Recreation and I wanted more even then. How they can overlook her and go to sleep at night boggles my mind. I hope that Tatiana Maslany will get the chance at a lead role in a film and maybe finally people will see her greatness. Also, why is the series not on Netflix? This needs to be handled ASAP (Where is Olivia Pope when you need her?). But even before Tatiana took a shot at multiple characters, there was Nina Dobrev strutting her stuff on The Vampire Diaries. If you are giving me the stink eye and talking about how much better Orphan Black is than Vampire Diaries and how Tatiana can act circles around Nina Dobrev, then you are what is wrong with television viewers (and critics). Yes, BBC is held to a higher standard than the CW, but that doesn’t mean the content is not as good and trust me, Nina Dobrev is just as good.

Instead of Kerry Washington in Scandal, lets try Elisabeth Moss in Mad Men

This breaks my heart to even write because I LOVE Kerry Washington. She is a force to be reckon with, but Olivia Pope wasn’t, at least not in season 3 (or more so the second half).  I felt like her character took a backseat to allow other characters to be more colorful this season (Joe Morton, Kate Burton and Bellamy Young (we’ll get there)) and that is absolutely okay, but I think it means that Kerry Washington didn’t earn a nomination for this year. Someone who did deserve a nomination was Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson on the critic loving Mad Men. While I have always been on the fence about the show, Moss’s performance should not go overlooked. Her character brought home the case as to why strong women characters are important in television. The 60s was the rise of strong women, and it has been a joy to see that played out on through Elisabeth Moss.

Instead of Michelle Dockery on Downton Abbey, lets try Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel

I do not enjoy Downton Abbey, I do not enjoy Michelle Dockery (I only really enjoy Maggie Smith, but that is another story). If you feel like I am shooing away the critical love of Downton Abbey for other “lower” quality television shows, then maybe this isn’t the article for you. If you enjoy Vera Farmiga and enjoy her dominating presence of Bates Motel, then maybe you found the right list. Bates Motel is a mind-manipulating show that can make your skin crawl, and then queen of this uncomfortable up series belongs to Vera Farmiga. We get to see a different take on Norma Bates, one full of paranoia but who is still just as crazy. She is the driving force of the show, helping Norman Bates grow into the Psycho we know and love. The Emmys gave her love for the first season, so I don’t know why they turned their back on her now. I feel like her portrayal is more fit (and deserving) of a nomination than Michelle Dockery, but that’s just me.

MINI RANT: Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars recently wrote an open letter to the Emmys asking them to consider the power of Pretty Little Liars and other teen dramas. Bellisario and her cast (especially Lucy Hale) having been reinventing the way teen dramas are viewed. They deal with various topics that most people (not just teens) deal with: identity crisis, prescription drugs, dependency of alcohol, loss of friends, deception of loves and bullying. The girls on this show, and the cast on many teen dramas, have been out performing many actors in prime time slots on big networks, but they don’t receive half the praise. For 100 episodes (which is all the episodes it has ran currently) it has been the number one telecast for women between the age of 12 to 34. If you can have a reality programming category, I feel like you can have a teen show category, at least there is more human decency there.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Instead of Ricky Gervais in Derek, lets try Thomas Middleditch in Silicon Valley or Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you are like me, you think Ricky Gervais lost his “charm” a long time ago. I don’t really enjoy his show Derek and I was honestly surprised he was nominated for his performance in it. Especially with performances like Thomas Middleditch in Silicon Valley as a neurotic programmer struggling to find his way or Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a childish police officer who is surprisingly good at solving cases. Middleditch is on one of the best comedies I have seen in awhile and watching his character struggle with developing Pied Piper has been charming and realistic. Samberg, on the other hand, is bringing the same enthusiasm that he had in Hot Rod. While his show plays on traditional buddy cop comedies, it is still enjoyable and can give you a really good laugh. Something new and something old, these performances have something different and new to offer to your television viewings.

Instead of Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory, lets try Chris Messina in The Mindy Project or Adam Scott in Parks and Recreation

The Big Bang Theory has gone for awhile and it is the CBS cash cow, but it just feels like it is chugging by. The performances haven’t been anything different, I haven’t felt a lot of growth in their characters for a long time. Jim Parsons has been a big part of why the show is so successful because everyone enjoys his antisocial, geeky demeanor, but what about characters that keep the show and its story moving to new levels? These performances I have seen on shows like Parks and Rec and The Mindy Project. Adam Scott plays the lovable Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec and this season alone he has made a game (Cones of Dunshire), got a job as an accountant, quit his job as an account, became city manager and had triplets with his lovable wife all in one season. But the highlight of the season? When Leslie got his a replica of the Iron Throne, if you haven’t seen the video you are truly missing out on great television. In the first season, Chris Messina’s Dr. Danny Castellano was the guy who thought he owned the world, so in the second season it was nice to see his vulnerable side. As he struggles with his feelings for Mindy, the audience grows more in love. The best introduction of Danny would be his Christmas present to Mindy. Both of these actors deserve recognition for their performances and hopefully Adam Scott will get that next year with Parks and Rec’s last season.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Instead of Taylor Schilling in Orange is the New Black, lets try Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project

Orange is the New Black is the series that everybody loves, but what everybody loves about it is its supporting characters (which rightfully earned nominations in the supporting actress and guest star categories). What drags about the show is its main character, Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman. I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I do not think she deserved a nominated for her performance. Instead I would have liked to see Mindy Kaling nominated for her performance as Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a hilarious, self absorbed gynecologist looking for true love. Mindy is not only the lead actress in the show, she is also one of the main writers. She exhibits the classic romantic comedy standards into the show, carrying over tones of When Harry Met Sally and other Meg Ryan driven love stories. Plus, it is fun to watch her love encounters with her various suitors (played by guest stars in the likes of Seth Rogen, Anders Holm and so many more).

Instead of Melissa McCarthy in Mike & Molly, lets try Emmy Rossum in Shameless

Mike & Molly used to be really good and that was in its first season, but three seasons later and it is struggling to find where it wants to go and what it wants to be. This season they tried to reinvent the way Molly was and there was a lot of people disappointed in what they were trying to sell. For some reason she still ended up getting an Emmy nod for her work. I feel like this is because everyone loved her performance in Bridesmaids, but we are way past that now. Someone who should be considered is Emmy Rossum in Shameless. This should be a no brainer, she is constantly receiving praise for her work but she hasn’t ever be nominated. I have heard people argue that it is because it needs to be moved to the drama category, but that shouldn’t hold her back from a nomination. Emmy Rossum’s Fiona is the heart of the show, so it hurts even more that William H. Macy was nominated but Emmy Rossum wasn’t even considered. Plus, I have heard a lot of people joke that her name is Emmy, that should count for something right?

Outstanding Comedy Series

Instead of The Big Bang Theory, lets try Parks and Recreation

I already made my argument when I talked about Jim Parsons vs Adam Scott, so there isn’t much else to add. Parks and Recreation was developed by Greg Daniels, who is the same guy who produced the US version of The Office. Parks and Rec carries that same charm through a mockumentary style that pokes fun at how city government is handled. Even with the lost of characters this season, it hasn’t lost its drive. Each character holds a story line of their own as we follow them through out their every day lives: the laughs, the cries, I am there for them all.

HONORABLE MENTION: The Mindy Project is finding its footing with a near perfect season which finds its joys in imperfections. It was not nominated this season, but I can see The Mindy Project getting nominated in the future. If not, the voters are missing out on one of the best comedies on network television.

Outstanding Drama Series

Instead of True Detective, lets try The Walking Dead

I already had a side rant about True Detective being an anthology series, so it is like automatic disqualification for this category. In its place, I would suggest a television show that has a huge following AND produces amazing content: meet The Walking Dead. With a strong story line and an even stronger casts, the show gets better each and every season. If you are saying, but Frank Darabount was the only good show runner and he only did the first season? False, he did the first half of the second season and everyone complained about how it dragged on, and maybe Glen Mazzara didn’t have a great pacing method, but with Scott M. Gimple the show is at the top if its game. I have felt like the series has been true to the nature of the graphic novels it originates from, even if the story line differs here and there. If you haven’t started it yet, I recommend a full dose of binge watching now.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Television is in its golden age currently. A lot of the networks and entertainment providers are producing some of the best content, even better than most movies being released this summer. So why spend 10 dollars on a movie ticket when you can spend 10 dollars on a Netflix subscription to catch up on these shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Arrow. Sons of Anarchy has been on for awhile now and it dares to be the boldest scripted series you have ever watched. It follows a motorcycle gang with a leader who struggles to stand for the values set by club when he finds a transcript written by his father. It is much more than that, but that provides a good basis for the show. Arrow on the other hand follows DC Comic hero/vigilante Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen, who is the Batman of Starling City, as he struggles to re-adapt to society after returning from an island he was trapped on for five years.  With his return, Oliver starts taking out guys on his father list while trying to reconnect with his lost love and rebuild his relationship with his family and best friend.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Instead of Jesse Tyler Ferguson in Modern Family, lets try Nick Offerman in Parks and Recreation

I love Modern Family and I love Jesse Tyler Ferguson, but I think Nick Offerman out performed him this year. Nick Offerman has been overlooked many years by the voters, which is disappointing because Ron Swanson is probably the funniest television character ever to live. A mountain man a heart, Ron does not trust the government and does everything he can to be off the grid. This season Ron had to learn to become more of a family man, and the struggle is real and glorious. It is a shame to watch him Offerman’s talents not be recognized by voters, but maybe Ron Swanson would prefer it that way.

Instead of Adam Driver in Girls, lets try T.J. Miller in Silicon Valley

I don’t know how I feel about Girls and lets leave it at that. T.J. Miller, on the other hand, plays a wannabe Steve Jobs who keeps getting him and his team stuck in awkward situations. While I love the performance from every character in the show, Miller brings home the heart of show as the leader of a band of misfits. Sometimes it is the supporting characters that make a show.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Instead of Mayim Bialik in The Big Bang Theory, lets try Aubrey Plaza in Parks and Recreation

Same story for The Big Bang Theory, different actress, so lets move forward to why Aubrey Plaza deserve the recognition. Aubrey Plaza plays the weird, cynical girl who you just can’t help but love. Her character, April Ludgate, is the most loving of the group, but she cover it up with uncomfortable comments to keep her hipster image in place. As Leslie Knope’s understudy, she ultimately steps up in Ann’s place with the departure of Rashida Jones midseason. As she transitions into a bigger role, her character’s attitude remains in place as she destroys one thing at a time.

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

Instead of Jimmy Fallon for Saturday Night Live, lets try Ben Schwartz for Parks and Recreation

Guest stars on variety shows are cool, but to say that Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Lives was better than Emma Stone on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is a long shot (and if you think that, your argument is completely invalid). With that I null any guest star on SNL because they don’t match the guest stars on television series like Ben Schwartz as Jean-Ralphio. He is my favorite guest star on any show because Jean-Ralphio is the guy you love to hate. He is a terrible friend and an even worse person, and yes that is possible. Sometimes he even sings what he is telling you; it doesn’t sound great mind you, but every minute of it is pure joy.

Instead of Louis C.K. for Saturday Night Live, lets try Glenn Howerton for The Mindy Project

Glenn Howerton is that guy that you love from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but do you love him even more as a lawyer in The Mindy Project? Okay, maybe it is equal but he is great both ways. One of his best moments? When his grandma dies and he relies on Mindy who is trying to break up with him for Danny. The perfect part is his utter devastation which Danny doesn’t believe is true at first.

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

Instead of Tina Fey for Saturday Night Live, lets try Anna Gunn for The Mindy Project

At this point you are starting to think I only enjoy two comedies, The Mindy Project and Parks and Rec, which is absolutely isn’t true, they just have the best guest stars. Anna Gunn, of Breaking Bad, guest stars as a Gynecologist for famous people, trying to court Mindy because she is a person of color. While at first Mindy is drawn into her luxurious practice, she soon realizes maybe it is more for all the name dropping. While we are used to only seeing Gunn’s serious side, it was nice to she her crack a joke while giving women the perfect exam and printing out a 3D render of their uterus.

Instead of Melissa McCarthy for Saturday Night Live, lets try Kristen Bell or Tatiana Maslany for Parks and Recreation

Kristen Bell is the opposite of Leslie Knope as she plays a mortal nemesis from Eagleton. Maybe I just love her because she is Kristen Bell, or maybe it is the way she says she has Michael Buble on retainer. Ultimately, she takes Leslie Knope’s place as city counselor which makes her colder than ice cold. Tatiana Maslany on the other hand balances Aziz Ansari‘s Tom and makes him a less selfish guy. Although we don’t get to see as much as her as we do Kristen Bell, it is enough to melt your heart and hope they bring her back next season for a few more episodes.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Instead of Jon Voight in Ray Donovan, lets try Dean Norris in Breaking Bad

Yes, Jon Voight is pretty cool but can’t we just admit we all liked him better in National Treasure? Ray Donovan is an offbeat show and maybe Voight is nominated because his performance is better than Liev Schreiber, but none the less Dean Norris’s Hank literally died for this Emmy. Although it will ultimately go to Aaron Paul (don’t tell Hank that), Dean Norris gave a lifetime performance. His panic attack and spiral into conspiracy as he tries to uncover who Walter White truly is what made the last season so good. Not even a nod in his direction makes me feel like the voters weren’t even watching at all.

Instead of Mandy Patinkin in Homeland, lets try Charles Dance in Game of Thrones

Weren’t we all just asking where Brody was in all the Brody-less episodes? Sure, it doesn’t mean Mandy’s performance should be rendered pointless, but it definitely doesn’t mean that he deserved a nomination over Charles Dance. Charles Dance is the meticulous and overly cruel, Tywin Lannister. It is as easy for him to send his youngest child to death as it is to send a letter or go to sleep. The sad part is his character literally died for this nomination as well. I guess if it is the end of your run on a show, the chances of getting an Emmy nod end too. I’m sure Tyrion paid a few of his debts to make sure he wasn’t sitting with his dad during the Award’s Show.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Instead of Joanne Froggatt in Downton Abbey, lets try Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead

I know I don’t share the same love for Downton Abbey as the critics do, but they obviously are not meeting me even half way when it comes to The Walking Dead. Melissa McBride’s Carol turned from sweet lady next door to cold blood killer and she sold it. Ultimately, Carol felt like she was doing the best thing for the group but it got her banished because Rick couldn’t trust her around his kids, which maybe he had a point we all saw how she handled Lizzy (I mean, can we say she deserved it?). Every character has had groundbreaking performances in this show (Lincoln’s Rick ripped a guy’s throat out with his teeth), but I thought McBride would finally bring the show some recognition with her scene that paid tribute to Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Instead of Christina Hendricks in Mad Men, lets try Bellamy Young in Scandal

I know I talked about strong women earlier with Elisabeth Moss’s Peggy Olson, but Bellamy Young tackled it with her portrayal of Mellie this past season. She handled her role more professionally than in past seasons as we started peeling away the layers and showing off more to Mellie than I thought we would ever see. A lot of people were upset with the situation handled between Mellie and President Grant’s father, but I think it helped provide a gateway between why Olivia and Fitz could still not be together while also giving her more reason to put up a cold front to Olivia and Fitz for what they had done.

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

Instead of Paul Giamatti in Downton Abbey, lets try Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones

Lets sidecar this Paul Giamatti argument and get straight to the facts, Pedro Pascal was flawless and his nomination was nowhere. If you are telling me his performance did not leave you flabbergasted then you are lying. He was only in the series for 7 episodes, but I could not comprehend what happened in his last moments until the next episode that Sunday. He left more of an impression on me than most characters that enter and leave this show. Did you know Diana Rigg got a nomination? Yea, Olenna Tyrell was nominated but not the beloved Prince Oberyn who’s head will forever be sketched in your brain. I feel like my head exploded just writing this.

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series

Instead of Jane Fonda in The Newsroom, lets try Lisa Kudrow in Scandal

We already hatched out how nothing in The Newsroom was as good as the first season, so guest appearances fall into that as well. Lisa Kudrow was overlooked for her limited spot as a democratic female running for president against Fitz. She took down every situation thrown at her with the help of Olivia Pope and associates. I was sad to see her go because I thought she would go further, but I’ll take what I can get. Plus, Kudrow is making a comeback in The Comeback.

Outstanding Host For a Reality or Reality-Competition Program

Instead of any Reality or Reality-Competition Program, lets try Chris Hardwick in @Midnight

Any argument against this is not valid, Chris Hardwick is one of the funniest hosts on television. Some of you know him from G4TV, some of you are more familiar with him from AMC with Talking Dead or Talking Bad, but he is finally getting recognition through Comedy Central’s @Midnight. The rest of this argument will be filled with clips to let you know that any argument against it is not valid.


TV Character Who’ve Worn Out Their Welcome

I enjoy reading all of Entertainment Weekly’s little posts, but today they released an article about TV character who have worn out their welcome. Typically, I tend to agree with their opinion, but for some reason this gallery really got under my skin. I am going to show you their choices and their reasoning, and then I am going to talk about which character I think has worn out their welcome. With almost all of these I was left infuriated and questioning why they didn’t take a different route, so here is my TV character who’ve worn out their welcome.

Glee | New York may be the city that never sleeps, but this once-crackling show has become a real zzzzzzz . No time jump or relocation can…

1. Glee (Murphy, Fox)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of everyone: “It’s hard to pinpoint a single character to eliminate because the entire series has sunk to an all-time low of irrelevance, and even the musical numbers are fast-forward fodder at this point.”

My Opinion: I was never a big fan of Glee, I never saw the attraction and most of the episodes left me bored. That was until season four, I enjoyed the new cast in Omaha way more than the original class. The additions of Marley, Ryder, Jake and Kitty seemed like fun additions. I also enjoyed seeing Kate Hudson as a take what she wants teacher and Sarah Jessica Parker as a neurotic Vogue editor. Now in season five, there is nothing really left to stay around for. The story lines drag and the best thing would be to get rid of the show instead of lugging it around for one more season.


2. Vampire Diaries (Plec, The CW)

Entertainment Weekly says get rid of Jeremy and Bonnie:Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) both died — they just didn’t stay that way. Now they spend their days having awkward sex and sometimes helping; Bonnie’s no longer a witch, and Jeremy’s hunter status stopped being cool last season.”


My opinion: One of my favorite characters from the beginning of this show was Bonnie, I prefer witches to vampires and she always seems to be the one to save the day. I always hear people complain about Bonnie and Jeremy, but I think they have been dealt a bad hands story wise (I mean, Jeremy is supposed to be a Hunter and we rarely even deal with that now). They are being pushed to the back burner for characters like Caroline, who I wish they would kill off. Caroline has always been a jealous and judgmental character who cannot seem to survive without a man (Damon, Matt, Tyler, Klaus, and now a hint of Stefan). If she isn’t being overly peppy, she is sitting in the corner pouting. I think Candice Accola does a great job of playing her, I just cannot stand her character. Especially for this current story of will she or won’t she with Stefan, despite his current state. Although it would be wildly unpopular, it would be adios Caroline for me.

3. The Mindy Project (Kaling, Fox)

Entertainment Weekly says get rid of Jeremy:The dashing Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks) started the show as Mindy Lahiri’s (Mindy Kaling) sexy secret, but two seasons, one fat suit and an Adam Pally later, he’s become totally irrelevant. He hasn’t had his own plotline in ages, and while he is nice to look at, would anyone at Shulman and Associates even miss him if he was gone?”

My Opinion: I would miss Jeremy if he was gone! This was another character pushed to the back burner, but with good reason: the introduction of Adam Pally. While Adam Pally has been a great addition to his show, I loved his and Jeremy’s interactions when he first came along. The character that I would give the boot is already leaving Shulman and Associates, or at least has been downgraded to a  guest star: Zoe Jarman‘s Betsy. Her character is a little odd and while she helped deliver some funny lines in the first season, she was just extra baggage for the second. It is time for some decluttering, and Betsy has got to go.

4. Nashville (Khouri, ABC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Layla:The idea of Layla (Aubrey Peeples) was interesting: She was the young pop star who rose to fame on a reality show and excelled in doing covers of other people’s songs. It was another layer of the music world we’d yet to discover. But the character simply never found a life of her own. She was annoying when she was popular, and she was even more annoying when her music career failed.”

My Opinion: Let’s get Layla out of here, her character was dreadful when she was first introduced and she never got better. Currently she is only a cover for Luke as he battles with his sexuality, and her time on the screen drags even more than it should. She has a lot of growing up to do in the show, so let’s ship her back home so she can do that.

5. Scandal (Rhimes, ABC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Cyrus:Cyrus (Jeff Perry) was essential in Scandal‘s earlier seasons — but now that his monster mantle has been largely assumed by Papa Pope (Joe Morton), there’s not much left for the President’s Chief of Staff to do but huff and puff and monologue the whole Beltway down.”

My opinion: Besides Olivia’s interactions with the President, her interactions with Cyrus are my favorite. I love seeing them battle it out or work together. I agree he was a minor character for season three, but with the death of James I think we can see a new beast emerge from him. If I had to spare any character it would be Quinn. I enjoyed her enough the first two season, but this season they took her story line too far. I didn’t care what happened to her and I didn’t see why I should. Also, her relationship with Puck was so forced. While I wouldn’t want to see anyone leave from Scandal (haven’t you taken enough?), no tears would be shed if Quinn picked up and left.

6. Revenge (Kelley, ABC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Charlotte:Despite two major (possible) Hamptons kill-offs in the season 3 finale, we would have set our sights on another character. Given that Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) is the half sister of just about everyone on the show, an unfortunate end for her would mean fallout for most of the characters — and would also help reinvigorate Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) revengenda.”

My Opinion: I want to go bold with this since Revenge is a “bold” show. Why not say goodbye to Daniel Grayson? Since his turn as a bad guy, I felt like he has struggled to find a strong footing with his character. He doesn’t challenge the show in any way, and no one can top Victoria as the big bad. So do we need him? Daniel can be easily tossed aside and it would be a sweet revenge for Emily after what he took from her. Plus, I would love to see Charlotte and Emily finally team up and take down each target together.

7. The Walking Dead (Darabont, AMC)

Entertainment Weekly says to get rid of Rick Grimes:Great zombie series or ennui-riddled Sofia Coppola movie? It was hard to tell for most of season 4 thanks to Rick (Andrew Lincoln), whose dismal plotline and lack of enthusiasm became drags on the show — and his son. Killing him could be the best thing to happen to Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) story. (And maybe Walker Rick would have some charisma!)”

My Opinion: Why does Entertainment Weekly always try to kill off Rick? This is the one that made me scream in outrage. Rick is one of my all time favorite television characters, and maybe I am attached to his character in the comics, but if they killed of Andrew Lincoln I think they would be making a huge mistake. He has so much story left and it is a joke to me that by killing him off it would “be the best thing to happen to Carl’s story”. Rick was a background character the second half of season four to help build up every other character’s arc. I didn’t mind it because I know who Rick is and I am confident that he is the leader that The Walking Dead needs. Plus, we are getting to a point where the “Ricktatorship” has returned full force, and I am ready. The only character I would be willing to give up is Beth. I was so bored by her and a part of me was happy when she was kidnapped and we got to see Daryl on his own. Losing her wouldn’t be the worse thing to happen during the zombie apocalypse.





Justice League Dream Casting Day 6: Batman

As my journey as a dream caster for the Justice League comes to an end I thought it would be appropriate to end if with the best superhero around: Batman. The neutral good vigilante has been a popular character for pop culture lately, especially with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy coming to an end. Naturally, the ideal Batman would be no other than Christian Bale, but he was clear when he said The Dark Knight Rises would be the last Batman movie for him. Although some are hoping for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to fill his place, I thought it would be best to pick some fresh meat.

My Pick for Batman:


I really enjoyed the aging Batman that Christopher Nolan setup, and I wanted to continue that on for the Justice League, and I think the best bat for the job is no other than Andrew Lincoln. Most of you should recognize him an Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, where he plays a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. He is the oldest of the cast, and I think it would add a nice touch to have an aging and wise Bruce Wayne lead the Justice League into battle. While he isn’t big on the movie front (yet), Lincoln constantly proves him acting abilities in television.

Why He Would Make a Perfect Batman:

Originating as an English Actor, Lincoln completely transformed himself to get the role of Rick Grimes and I think he could do it again to don the cape and become the famous caped crusader. Lincoln also has an exquisite look to him which helps since Bruce Wayne is known to be quite the bachelor among the ladies. Among the young cast, I believe Andrew Lincoln could hold his own and reinvent the Bruce Wayne that we have become accustomed to.

I have enjoyed dream casting for the Justice League, and I hope that you have enjoyed my choices. Through the good and the bad, this journey is finally completed, and as I finish off, Yes Hollywood I will accept my position as casting director for The Justice League. 


Walking Dead, Season 3 Episode 4 “Killer Within”

When Frank Darabont stepped down from The Walking Dead I was a little worried for the show, and at first I was not to pleased with what Glen Mazzara bringing. Season 3 had made me forget about all my worries, and tonight’s episode reminded me why The Walking Dead is such a powerful piece of television. The start of the episode set off warnings that tonight something big was happening, whether we liked it or not; some one was feeding the zombies and leading them towards the survivors, some one who was wearing a prison jump suit. Finally we are met with a few members of the group who are getting ready to take on the journey the day brings them. As they are getting ready to head back they meet the two prisoners the left at the end of Episode 2, Axel(Lew Temple) and Milton(Vincent Ward), asking Rick(Andrew Lincoln) to let them come back to their cell block and coexist with them. Nobody besides T-Dog(IronE Singleton) is hearing out their offer; he even goes as far as offering to stay in the cell next to them, keeping an eye on them at all times. Rick(Lincoln) hears T-Dog(Singleton) out, but when nobody agrees with it he gives him rhetorical question, “Whose blood would you rather have on your hands?” to which T-Dog(Singleton) replies “I would rather have neither”. While this was not the answer he was expecting, Rick (Lincoln) goes off, taking Darryl (Norman Reedus) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) to go get some wood to burn the walkers lying around the fields so they could start making a home here and plant crops. As the three amigos return, the gaze across to see Hershel(Scott Wilson) walking on crutches. At this sight we see Rick(Lincoln) and Lori(Sarah Wayne Callies) lock eyes, giving me hope that they could finally put the past behind them and move forward as one unit. But oh, my hopes were too high because dragging behind Lori(Callies) and the gang are a group of walkers looking for their next meal. At this sight you see Rick(Lincoln) Darryl (Reedus) and Glenn(Yeun) rush towards the others; on the other side Hershel(Wilson) and his youngest Beth(Emily Kinney) get to a gate where they separate themselves from the zombies with a crutch, Maggie(Lauren Cohan) Carl(Chandler Riggs) and Lori(Callies) make their way inside, but the flesh eaters did take a bite out of one character and unfortunately that would be T-Dog(Singleton) who entered a different entrance with Carol(Melissa McBride). Now we take a moment to flip over to The Governor’s(David Morrissey) perfect town, where Michonne(Danai Gurira) is digging deeper into The Governor’s(Morrissey) secrets, and she actually seems to have a fair idea of the person he truly is. On the flip side of town Merle(Michael Rooker) and Andrea(Laurie Holden) discuss matters, one of them being the location of where his brother last was, and how she was left behind. Back to the prison, Rick(Lincoln) and the crew make it over where they talk to Hershel about the others, following behind is the two prisoners. After Rick confronts them about their unfortunate circumstances, sirens start blaring drawing the attention of more zombies; the benefit of the prisoners is that they know the prison and Milton(Roberts) tells Rick he can take them there to shut them off. Pan back to Lori(Callies) Maggie(Cohan) and Carl(Riggs) running through the prison, where they are met with zombies at each turn. Thankfully Carl(Riggs) finds them shelter in the boiler room, and inside Lori(Callies) goes into labor. Lastly T-Dog(Singleton) and Carol(McBride) are running through the halls, T-Dog(Singleton) knowing there is no way to save him made it his last wish to get Carol through everything and into safety before him demise. Only his demise was sooner than the safety, as they meet two walkers and he throws himself at them as they wine and dine on his body. Unfortunately, Carol watches all of this before ever opening the exit. Now we are back with The Governor(Morrissey) as he talks with Merle(Rooker) about going to the house and searching for his brother, Darryl(Reedus). And although the Governor(Morrissey) is not bugging on his opinion, Merle(Rooker) is not giving up until they even give it a shot. This is the first time we have seen a character actually stand up to The Governor(Morrissey), and after last weeks episode how can you even be sure they would bring them in alive? Now we are back with the prison, Lori(Callies) is having complications with pushing the baby out, and asks Maggie(Cohan) to give her a C-section. Maggie(Cohan) is appalled with the idea, as is Carl(Riggs) whose knife they would be using for the operation. As they chew over the idea, Rick(Lincoln) Darryl(Reedus) and Milton(Roberts) make it to the generators, and as they go to shut them down Andrew(Prisoner left to die in Episode 2) jumps out with an ax and tries to Hack Rick(Lincoln) into pieces. Ultimately the decision is left up to Milton(Roberts) who ends up with the gun after Rick(Lincoln) and Andrew duke it out losing both their weapons. In the end he kills Andrew proving himself to Rick(Lincoln) and Darryl(Reedus) that he and Axel(Temple) deserve to be in the group because they are also survivors. Before we go back to the baby dilemma, I want to take you back to the final round with The Governor(Morrissey) as he sits with Andrea(Holden) and drinks a glass of whiskey, getting a few words before Andrea(Holden) and Michonne(Gurira) depart from this perfect zombie hideaway, seeing if he could persuade her decision. Before she leaves he tells her his real name is Phillip, basically making their decision kaput as Andrea(Holden) later tells Michonne(Gurira) that she wants to stay for a few more days. Finally we get back to Lori(Callies) as they begin the operation, before they start she saws her last words to Rick, “Goodnight Love”. Although he was not there, this was the most touching scene and yet no words could begin to describe how it was. As Maggie(Cohan) heads out with the baby to see if they can continue on without zombies, Carl(Riggs) flashes bag to Rick(Lincoln) telling him this moment would come, a few moments later we hear the ominous gun shot. Rick(Lincoln) and everyone make their way back to the yard where Hershel says they are the first to arrive, and moments later Rick(Lincoln) hears the sound of a baby, and turns to see that Lori(Callies) is not the one holding him. With that he cannot even look or touch the baby, but instead goes over to Carl(Riggs) and discovers that he was the one who had to kill Lori(Callies) so she would not turn. The most powerful performance was the last seconds as Rick(Lincoln) collapses to the ground and just cries. This was not what he wanted, this was not what anyone wanted…

After this episode, the survivors now have two open spots that Axel(Temple) and Milton(Roberts) seem to fill perfectly for this season. The Governor(Morrissey) looms ever closer to them, and the search for Darryl(Reedus) will soon begin. Also, notice that Carol(McBride) did not come out, even after T-Dog(Singleton) sacrificed himself for her. I cannot do another Sophia situation. Performance wise, this was the best episode of The Walking Dead yet, and perhaps the best episode of television all year. Andrew Lincoln is brilliant  and I cannot wait for next week as we see Rick deal with the aftermath of the situation. And although many people where displeased with this episode, all the best things are heartbreaking at one point or another.