Grease 2: Live Dream Casting

Those who know me know I adore/prefer Grease 2 (yes, over Grease, go ahead and get your judgement out of the way). In fact, out of celebration for Grease: Live, I forced my husband to watch Grease 2 and appreciate how much better it is (insert your scoffs here). When Fox announced they were doing Grease: Live, I only had one thought: “Why not Grease 2?” I played along and watched Grease! Live. Vanessa Hudgens stole the show as Rizzo, Aaron Tveit was terrible not great as Danny (alas, people were mesmerized by his *ahem* dancing), and Jordan Fisher really made Doody come to life. That’s what these performances are about, giving people a chance to shine as iconic (or not as iconic) characters. After the show, Buzzfeed‘s Louis Peitzman made my Grease 2 dreams come alive. He put together what he thought a Grease 2: Live should look like. While I was intrigued by his article, it got me thinking about who I would love to see in these roles. So, without further ado, here is my Grease 2: Live dream casting (please make this happen, Fox).

Aly Michalka as Stephanie Zinone


Aly Michalka Saints Row: The Third concert and event – Arrivals Held At Superclub Hollywood, California – 12.10.11 Mandatory Credit: FayesVision/

No one will ever be able to top Michelle Pfeiffer, but if there is someone who could come close my bets are on Aly Michalka. One half of the female duo, Aly & AJ, they made all teenage girls feel empowered with their breakup hit “Potential Break-Up Song.” While she has the singing down to a pat, she also has some acting range. Look to the CW hit iZombie, she may not be in every episode but she makes an impact when she is there. Plus, wouldn’t you just love to hear her belt out the best of Grease 2 with “Cool Rider” and  my favorite “(Love Will) Turn Back the Hands of Time.”

Blake Jenner as Michael Carrington


Peitzman was right, for Michael Carrington, Blake Jenner is the perfect choice (there is one other time that happens on this list). While not only having similar looks, Blake has a great voice (he won the The Glee Project for a reason, people). From his time of Glee, he had a lot of fun performances, but my favorite was when him and Jacob Artist performed “Unchained Melody” *note how great they sound together, just saying. Now let’s just hope he can bring alive “Charades“, the sleeper on an overall great movie musical soundtrack.

Ashley Tisdale as Paulette Rebchuck


Remember how Vanessa Hudgens stole the show as Rizzo? Well maybe she can give some tips to her High School Musical costar/bestie, Ashley Tisdale. Tisdale could perfectly bring the sexuality and vulnerability of Paulette to the live production. Also, what better way to start bringing back the cast of HSM than television musicals? Trust me, with Paulette’s costuming, Tisdale is going to “Score Tonight.”

Penn Badgley as Johnny Nogerelli


Before I get started, I just want to say that I adore Adrian Zmed and, like everyone else in Grease 2, he played this part to perfection. Now let’s dive into Penn Badgley. Don’t you want to see him as an insecure bad boy? No, not a mopey “bad” boy like his lonely boy character, Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl (Disclaimer: I loved Dan, and I was huge Dan and Serena shipper), but a real bad boy. He’s the leader of the T-Birds and if you don’t want to watch Badgley going “Prowlin’” you can leave this list right now (but please stay so you can finish the dream casting).

Aja Naomi King as Sharon Cooper


You know how you kind of love to hate Aja Naomi King‘s Michaela on How to Get Away with Murder? Well, that is kind of the same feeling you have about Sharon Cooper in Grease 2. Now don’t get me wrong, Aja Naomi King is amazing, but her character is kind of annoying, but she ultimately she is a boss (hence the love to hate). Imagine if she put that kind of personality into Grease 2‘s Sharon, and it’s a masterpiece waiting to happen. I wouldn’t want to miss King imitating Jackie O and bossing everyone around so they can achieve perfection in “Girls for All Seasons.”

Tyler Posey as Louis DiMucci


Louis DiMucci, he’s definitely one of the more interesting characters in Grease 2. Ultimately though, he is the key to Michael becoming a coo-oool rider (he’s the first to ask Michael to do his homework), but that isn’t the reason DiMucci is so memorable. Tyler Posey‘s DiMucci would be the perfect balance to Aja Naomi King’s Sharon, and maybe he could inspire people to “Do it for Our Country.” But really guys, this is just creepy. Please do not ever attempt to do this.

Troian Bellisario as Rhonda Ritter


Out of all the characters of Grease 2, Rhonda was the least memorable of the pink ladies. That is why I think Troian Bellisario would be the perfect choice for Rhonda. She could pull of Rhonda’s insecurities about her nose and transform her into a goddess of confidence by a two hour time mark without a problem. Give Spencer Hastings a chance, let her be the Rhona Ritter we deserve.

Jacob Artist as Goose McKenzie


Like I mentioned earlier with Michael Carrington, Peitzman nailed the dream casting for Goose: Jacob Artist. Artist could make you love him one minute and hate him the next on Glee, which is exactly what Goose’s character needs (and deserves). Also, Goose and Johnny had a true bromance, and to see that come to life again would be magical. Between backing up Johnny’s remarks and causing him to swallow a cigarette, these are the scenes that make Grease 2 a joy to watch.

Rowan Blanchard as Dolores Rebchuck

2015 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards - Arrivals

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 09: Actress Rowan Blanchard attends 2015 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards at Carnegie Hall on November 9, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Glamour)

Dolores Rebchuck was a scene stealer, and so is Rowan Blanchard. Dolores was ready to rule the school and redefine what a pink lady was, and her friendship with Michael was precious. Rowan is already making platforms on feminism, sexuality and friendship, and more than anything I am excited to see her star grow brighter. The pink ladies won’t know what hit them when Rowan’s Dolores steps into each scene.

Karan Brar as Davey Jaworski


Truthfully, if I could have any person play Davey, it would be Fresh Off the Boat‘s Hudson Yang, but since he is still a bit young the next best thing is Karan Brar. He has the youthfulness that Davey embodies, and he is simply just the most adorable. Plus, isn’t Brar the perfect choice for Dolores to have a crush on in the end?

Rashida Jones as Miss Mason


Miss Mason is the reason boys are hot for teacher, so who better to play her than the ever sexy Rashida Jones? Plus with Jones’ comedic chops, she will be able to kill the scenes that call for a little more jokes. I mean, without her would Mr. Stuart even be interesting? While I wait to get to that particular song, can you imagine Jones stealing the scene with just a few looks? I can, Rashida Jones is pure gold.

Jason Segel as Mr. Stuart


An I Love You, Man reunion. Think of Jason Segel as Mr. Stuart, only he could pull off the suave awkwardness, while also wooing Miss Mason with his teaching skills. I mean, what better way to learn about “Reproduction” than sitting in on one of his classes? Plus, Jones’ Miss Mason and Segel’s Mr. Stuart might have the hottest chemistry of all.




True Detective Season 2 Dream Casting

Alright, alright, alright. As season one of  True Detective drew to a close, every one wondered who the hit HBO Police Detective Anthology Series would cast as their season 2 detectives. While some have been serious (Can we just have Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson back?), some have been more comical (Meryl Streep and Meryl Streep anyone?). My list features a mixture of both, but isn’t that they fun of it all?

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Justice League Dream Casting Day 6: Batman

As my journey as a dream caster for the Justice League comes to an end I thought it would be appropriate to end if with the best superhero around: Batman. The neutral good vigilante has been a popular character for pop culture lately, especially with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy coming to an end. Naturally, the ideal Batman would be no other than Christian Bale, but he was clear when he said The Dark Knight Rises would be the last Batman movie for him. Although some are hoping for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to fill his place, I thought it would be best to pick some fresh meat.

My Pick for Batman:


I really enjoyed the aging Batman that Christopher Nolan setup, and I wanted to continue that on for the Justice League, and I think the best bat for the job is no other than Andrew Lincoln. Most of you should recognize him an Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, where he plays a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. He is the oldest of the cast, and I think it would add a nice touch to have an aging and wise Bruce Wayne lead the Justice League into battle. While he isn’t big on the movie front (yet), Lincoln constantly proves him acting abilities in television.

Why He Would Make a Perfect Batman:

Originating as an English Actor, Lincoln completely transformed himself to get the role of Rick Grimes and I think he could do it again to don the cape and become the famous caped crusader. Lincoln also has an exquisite look to him which helps since Bruce Wayne is known to be quite the bachelor among the ladies. Among the young cast, I believe Andrew Lincoln could hold his own and reinvent the Bruce Wayne that we have become accustomed to.

I have enjoyed dream casting for the Justice League, and I hope that you have enjoyed my choices. Through the good and the bad, this journey is finally completed, and as I finish off, Yes Hollywood I will accept my position as casting director for The Justice League. 


Justice League Dream Casting Day 5: Aquaman

Today we are dealing with the superhero that pop culture hates, sorry Aquaman. To make the news even worse, there are rumors going around that he has completely dropped off the face of the earth (aka Justice League movie) as he did not make the cut. I still have faith in Aquaman though, and hopefully after I reveal my choice so would you.

My pick for Aquaman:


No other pick could bring some character to this comic book hero and satisfy the needs of boys and girls everywhere more than the dazzling Ryan Gosling. Gosling has made girl’s swoon with his romantic movies such as The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love., and he has made guy drool over his smooth moves in Drive and I expect the same reaction from his newest flick The Place Beyond the Pines. And with him as the face of Arthur Curry he could bring some much needed publicity to my rather new actor cast. I feel like his casting is similar to the casting of the Hulk for the avengers: he has been done many times over unsuccessfully, but get the right person in the role and he will blow past people’s expectations.

Why He Would Make a Good Aquaman:

Aquaman needs a laid back quality to him, and who is more relaxed than Ryan Gosling? With his cool guy vibe Ryan Gosling can completely transform how most people view this superhero (thanks to pop culture). If the studios were smart they not only re-surge this character’s image, but also exploit it to make an actual Aquaman movie. And who doesn’t want to be the guy that makes Arthur Curry cool to the public eye? Alas, Ryan Gosling is the only man for the job.

Up Next: Tomorrow I will reveal my last casting choice and that is for my favorite superhero, Batman.

Justice League Dream Casting Day 4: The Flash

Yesterday we explored strong females to portray Wonder Woman, and today we are moving to Kansas, USA to meet the charming Wally West aka The Flash. This character is one that rarely makes the small screen, unless it is intertwined with the Justice League. In the comic books though, he is rich of character and son to Legendary Flash Barry Allen.

My pick for The Flash:


With his southern drawl, I think the perfect person to play Wally West is Ryan Kwanten. Fans would recognize him from the HBO hit True Blood where he plays Sookie’s charismatic brother Jason, but this summer he will make his way to the big screen with the horror thriller 7500. Ryan has the athletic physique that Wally West possessed, and the looks fit well for the playboy attitude Wally exhibited in the early editions of his comic. One of my favorite parts of Wally West is his “super” friend relationship with Bruce Wayne aka Batman, and the person I chose for Batman well suits this fact.

Why He Would Make a Good Flash:

Whenever I think of Wally West, I always picture Jason Stackhouse; charming, playboy characteristics, athletic. Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse too perfectly, and to have this type of character transfer over to the big screen would be a blessing to all. I could see them creating a more serious Justice League (inspiration being The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Man of Steel), which would allow Kwanten to give the movie some comic relief with his playful demeanor. Overall I could not think of a better actor to play this role.

Up Next: Tomorrow I will dream cast the role of Aquaman.

Justice League Dream Casting Day 3: Wonder Woman

Out of all the casting possibilities in the realm of the Justice League, I would say that Wonder Woman is hands down the hardest. And obviously the networks and studios agree since every possibility of a Wonder Woman film or television series seems to get turned down or remains in “production”. And with the lack of female actresses whom possess Wonder Woman’s fierce persona, I believe we do have a few choices that shine through.

My pick for Wonder Woman:

jennifer-lawrence-glamour3 emilia-clarke-juego-tronos-6

As I was making my way through media outlets to find who I desired, I came up with a tie between two actresses that stun: Jennifer Lawrence and Emilia Clarke. With the most famous of these being Jennifer Lawrence, I will start with her first. In everything she plays, from Winter’s Bone to Hunger Games to even Silver Linings Playbook, she defies the normal gender stereo types and portrays a strong female; one of the reason’s why woman all around the world look up to her and envy her. In my opinion, she even has the build of Wonder Woman toned yet dangerously curvy. When faced with the big leagues, we all know Jennifer Lawrence could hold her own. Emilia Clarke, on the other hand, is a little less known, although some might recognize her as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. The mother of dragons may only stand to a whopping 5’3″ but she is ruthless when needed. Some question her acting ability, but I believe if she was given the reigns to a big movie like this she would deliver like no other. Also, like Lawrence, Clarke had an undeniable body for the voluptuous Wonder Woman and the attitude to go along with it.

Why They Would Make a Good Wonder Woman:

Jennifer Lawrence is the ideal strong female when it comes to casting decisions in Hollywood. When they want a role down with feisty deliverance it is her door they are knocking at. If she can continue to grow and improve on her major role of strength as Katniss there is no way this role could be denied to her. Against the rest of the strong cast of the Justice League she would be able to shine through as a strong character. If Scarlett Johansson can do it in  The Avengers, then Jennifer Lawrence can do it here. Emilia Clarke pulls of this type of role every Sunday night with Game of Thrones, she is unrelenting when making her way to the throne. Through out her battle with power, she not only has survived but has developed the mentality needed of her to become Queen. She does not flinch in the face of danger, and she would not cower when it came to saving the world as Wonder Woman. Both of these actresses are beautiful and vigorous on there quest to attain strong female dominance, and this is why they would be incredible as Wonder Woman.

Up Next:  Tomorrow I will dream cast the role of The Flash

Justice League Dream Cast Day 2: Green Lantern

Yesterday I started my dream casting for the Justice League. To kick of this momentous moment I started with the beloved character Superman who is great in comics, but doesn’t always translate well to film. Hopefully Henry Cavill will exceed expectations as Superman in Man of Steel to fan girls and fan boys everywhere. Today I will go into the casting of Green Lantern. Last time we saw him he was Hal Jordan and portrayed by Ryan Reynolds who just didn’t satisfy my fan girl needs, so I am reverting back to the Green Lantern I know and love: John Stewart.

My pick for Green Lantern:


I do not think they will do another Green Lantern film before they make a Justice League, but if they did I think Chadwick Boseman would be the perfect man for the job (and lantern). While the name may not sound familiar currently, if the movie 42 goes over smoothly I believe he will become a household name. In 42 he is portraying  the legendary Jackie Robinson. Harrison Ford may be the actor to draw people in for the movie, but he is going to be the person that makes them want to stay and leave them wanting more. When I first saw him in the commercials I knew that he would make a perfect John Stewart.

Why He Would Make a Good Green Lantern:

While people are wanting an older and more experienced cast for the Justice League, I believe young and fresh faces are the way to go. Chadwick Boseman has various little roles next to his name, but the casting of John Stewart/Green Lantern would make his career. Most of his experience is in the theater, where he has even won an AUDELCO award.

Up Next: Tomorrow I will dream cast the role of Wonder Woman