Top 10 Comic Book Romances

To celebrate the holiday of love and the release of Deadpool, I’m serenading all of you by compiling a list of the best superhero romances through out comic book history. Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but these are my favorite romances. Fair warning, they are a little heavy on the DC Comics side, but I can’t help what compels my heart.

10. Superman (Clark Kent) and Lois Lane


Beginning this list with one of the most iconic comic book couples only feels right. When you think of superhero relationships, Superman and Lois Lane are probably one of the first to come to your mind. While I am not a Superman fan, there is something about their relationship that draws you in. Perhaps it has something to do with its everlasting power. While they aren’t always together there is a part of Clark Kent that will always hold out for Lois Lane.

9. Gambit (Remy Etienne LeBeau) and Rogue (Anna Marie)


Rogue will forever be my favorite part of X-Men, and Gambit is your lovable southern mutant. Together they are a force to be reckoned with, but there is always something that will hold them apart. Rogue’s powers cause her to absorb the powers, life and even memories of any one who touches her. This causes a greater tension than “will they or won’t they?”

8. Wolverine (James “Logan” Howlett) and Storm (Ororo Munroe)


I know many people prefer Wolverine with with Jean Grey, but I like to group Jean Grey and Cyclops (Scott Summers) and I love Wolverine with Storm. These two have a strong foundation of friendship and it blossomed into one of the better relationships within the Marvel universe. With all the alternative timelines inside the X-Men universe, at least I can pretend they are happy and married somewhere.

7. Raven and Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)


I grew up with Teen Titans as a little kid, and then when I matured and got into comics I still found an attachment to Teen Titans. More specifically I found myself still compelled by the relationship between Raven and Beast Boy. Sure, there is Terra and Jericho that complicates the relationship between these two, but like the above characters on this list there is just a special connection between these two. While Teen Titans seems to come and go, these two seem to stick around forever.

6. Batwoman (Kate Kane) and Renee Montoya


Kate Kane and Renee Montoya have a complicated history, but it is also one of the most progressive relationships in modern day comics. Through out Batwoman’s storylines, Kate Kane is still not getting the justice she deserve in DC Comic’s New 52. While Renee may not be the best fit for Kate, their relationship symbolized a new wave of comics and hopefully we will start to see more LGBT relationships blossom throughout the different superhero comics.

5. Poison Ivy (Dr. Pamela Isley) and Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Quinzel)


To Preface this, Harley Quinn‘s relationship with the Joker has always bothered me. While many people still cling to that relationship, I have always preferred her friendship with Poison Ivy because it was an escape away from the abusive nature of the Joker. With the New 52, we have gotten to see Harley break away and become her own villain, and even more so we got to see the relationship with Ivy blossom into something more. I also do not think DC Comics is perfect, their handling of the Batwoman comics was poorly done, but I think they are starting to make strides and their comics. Making a relationship many people loved as cannon definitely speak volumes to me.

4. Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle)


This was the first relationship I was really introduced to with my comic book adventures. Batman was my first love; I own every movie, watched every cartoon and have done my best to read whatever I can get my hands on. Furthermore, his relationship with Catwoman was electric. She was the yin to his yang, in the sense that she walked the fine line between good and evil. Batman, for his part, mostly brought out the best in Catwoman. Together, they kind of defined each others moral code. Kind of like Superman and Lois Lane, you can’t think of iconic couple without thinking of Batman and Catwoman.

3. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage


They aren’t a perfect couple, but there is just something special they share. Through each chapters of their lives, they always find a way back to each other. Thankfully, Netflix and Marvel has done a great job of bringing this relationship to  life and showing its imperfections, as well as its perfections. I feel like I am simplifying their relationship, but it just feels very real minus the super powers. We even feel the journey between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as they explore the world of parenthood and how they fit that into their “jobs” and everyday life. So maybe this couple truly celebrates the hero in all of us.

2. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen)


Gwen Stacy will always be the true love of Spider-Man, in my heart. Yes, there is Mary Jane, the girl who loved Spider-Man, but isn’t Peter Parker more than a costume? While the Amazing Spider-Man films suffered from a lack luster script, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone really captured the essence and chemistry that I felt reading pages shared between Gwen and Peter. Thankfully, Marvel has resurrected Gwen Stacy and created Spider-Gwen. And yes, I relish in joy with the interactions between Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen. While the two can’t be together in their respective universes, maybe they can find love within the Spider-Verse.

1. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and Dick Grayson (Nightwing/Robin)


And the couple to top the list is Batgirl and Nightwing. They grew up together, had flirtatious fights with stolen glances. They matured together and broke away from the bat that helped them so they could create good on their own. No matter what though, they always come back to one another. While they are good in their respective areas, they’re perfect together. They don’t have to hide who they are between each other, and they know each other better than anyone else could. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson are perfect together, whether they want to admit it (or succumb) to it or not.




The Amazing Spider-Man

The best part of summer? Blockbuster Hits, and this is exactly what The Amazing Spider-Man is. The opening scene we meet Peter Park as a little boy playing hide and seek with his dad. As he is looking for him, he stumbles into his dad’s office only to find it broken into and ransacked. He calls for his dad, in which his dad freaks out and calls for the mom to get her stuff together and that they need to leave. As they set up the story we know and love, we are met with Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sallie Fields), and around ten years later we meet a teenage Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). Flash to the High School, he is hanging a picture of the debate team for display to only be messed with by Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka), next scene we meet the ever beautiful Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Peter snaps a picture of her reading before he makes his next move to save an innocent bystander from Flash’s torturing ways, only to get rewarded with a punch. Have I mentioned yet that this Peter Parker has a lot more guts than Maguire’s? That night he returns home to Aunt May preparing spaghetti, and Uncle Ben determining what is wrong with the air conditioning unit, and on the way carrying up boxes he discovers his father’s suitcase. Upon first opening it, nothing seems to be inside but a few items including a newspaper clipping of his Dad and Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). With later searching he discovers a hidden file, and decides to found out more information on Curt Connors. Side note, in the suitcase were his father’s old glasses, and upon finding them he starts wearing them. To discover more information on his dad he goes to Oscorp to talk to Connors, when he arrives at the front desk he confirms he is an intern and steals a badge to head up stairs and join the group, and to his surprise Gwen Stacy is heading the group. As Head Intern, Stacy takes them around before introducing them to Connors in which he discusses his radical way of healing people, and no stem cell research is not the answer, in fact the answer is cross breeding species. Gwen discovering Peter in the group tells him to stay clear of trouble, because if he gets in trouble she gets in trouble for knowing who is really is. Being the listener that he is, Peter slinks away from the group to do his own investigating by letting himself into a room full of genetically engineered spiders. As he leaves the room, Stacy tells him to go, and we are graced with a shot on the back of his neck to reveal a spider biting him, and I believe we all do know the results. As the day goes on he slowly develops more and more spider like habits, and returns home with both heightened senses and appetites. The next morning he is too strong for his own good destroying toothpaste, the sink knobs, and door handles before leaving to meet Dr. Connors and reveal his true identity as Peter Parker and not some lowly intern. He shortly makes a connection with Connors, and Connor reveals Parker’s father departure angered him, which is why he stayed away from Peter, and in return Peter gives him the formula that he has been trying to figure at for all these years. Flash forward to the next day when Peter returns to school to confront Flash on his bullying ways and show him up. This of course results in Uncle Ben coming to get him, and telling him to pick up Aunt May that nights, which of course Peter forgets so he can spend time with Connors and correctly develop the formula so that is can be tested, and we get a positive result! From his new found glory he returns home to find a disgruntled Uncle Ben who had been calling him to remind him to pick up Aunt May. As he lays on the lines about responsibility and being like his father, but lacking that quality we meet an emotional Parker who tells the ugly truth: was it really responsible of his dad to leave him? Soon after Peter leaves to blow off steam, and Uncle Ben chases after him. He goes to a convenience store to get some chocolate milk, only to be turned away for lacking two cents, and after that we meet a shady fellow who steals cash and instead of chasing him he tells the clerk it is not his duty to find him, too bad Uncle Ben did not share that same theory. In attempt to stop him, Uncle Ben is shot and killed and Peter finds him and realizes that if he would of just stopped the guy he could stopped this from even happening. Peter’s life slowly starts to deteriorate, he starts closing everyone out, even the Flash tries to console Parker for his loss. He soon develop the Spider-man persona and starts looking for the guy who killed Uncle Ben, to get the sweet justice he deserves. He starts coming together again, although physically he is sporting bruises, and that is when Gwen invites him to dinner. Dinner was a interesting get together as he argued over the nature of Spider-man with Gwen’s dad Captain George Stacy (Denis Leary), and shortly after he reveals to Gwen that he is in fact Spider-man. That night Connors injects himself with the formula and turns into the villain Lizard, and as he starts his rampage on the city both Captain Stacy and Parker rush on their ways. Spider-man establishes himself as a hero with the citizens of New York as he stops Lizard from harming them, and saves the life of a little boy named Jack, and Jack’s Father (C. Thomas Howell) will soon return the favor. The next day Parker has already put together that Connors and Lizard are one and the same, and when he turns it into the police the laugh it off, although Captain Stacy does (sort-of) look into it, although his many priority is arresting Spider-man. Taking matters into his own hands, Parker slips into costume and starts searching the sewers after noticing weird behaviors from lurking lizards. As he sets up shop, Connors injects himself again and a fight ensues between the two leaving Parker decently injured and running to Gwen to doctor him, and Connors discovers the true identity of Spider-man. Returning to the School Scene, Lizard attacks during the day, and Spider-man comes to rid him of the halls, and we are graced with the Stan Lee cameo in the library. Benefits of this scene is that Spidey knows where to go after Lizard slinks off and discovers his next plan to infect the city and make them like him. Spider-man goes to save the day, with cops stopping him and shortly Parker reveals himself to Captain Stacy, and Jack’s dad sets up the city so Spider-man can make his way to save the day. Upon the epic showdown, Captain Stacy is killed by Lizard, Lizard is cured as is the city, and Captain Stacy as one thing, that if he remains Spider-man to stop dating Gwen so she stays safe. Parker agrees by not even going to the funeral, and Gwen shortly realizes this as she stops by his door to ask why. Final scene, we are back at the Midtown Science High School, Flash and Peter are on likeable terms, Flash even sports a Spider-man shirt because “the dude is crazy”, we get a glance of a gloom looking Gwen as she heads to class, and Peter following after her and arriving late to class. He makes a promise to the teacher that he will not be late again, in which she retorts “Don’t make promises you cannot keep”, his replies whispering to Gwen “But those are the best ones”, and we receive a smirk in return from Gwen. Credit scenes? Connors is in jail and is met with a character who wants to torture Parker about his parents even more, my guess it that it is Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin, hence Spider-man 2. This series will be a trilogy, and I could not be more thrilled! I am personally glad they rebooted the series, and I do hope they keep Gwen Stacy, and just forget Mary Jane. I am a huge comic book nerd, so this movie did please me with maintaining a nice balance of new and old to this story. Do you think they will keep Stacy for the next movie? Do you think she will meet her demise with the Green Goblin like she did in the comic books? Bring on the sequel, if you have not seen this yet it is worth the watch. Personally, I found it more enjoyable then the Avengers; better and more of a story line, plus I am a fan of Spider-man compared to the Avengers. It was tastefully done, and with that I give it an A-!